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Software development service company

We are a software services company passionate about partnering with clients to help them achieve exceptional business outcomes.

We deliver by providing affordable high-quality talent, innovative thinking and deep domain expertise coupled with strong business acumen. Whether you need a self-managed software development team or an extension for your own - we got you covered!

In addition to Software Engineers, our team also includes Product Owners, Business Analysts, Project Managers, DevOps and QA engineers.

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Business-minded engineering, tailored to your product needs.

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Why partnering with us is a smart decision

Do you need a self-managed software engineering team for your project? Or, an extension to your existing in-house software engineering team? In both cases, hiring an award-winning software company such as Vega IT is a smart and affordable solution.

At any moment, you will be in control of the team composition and allocation. With our NO COMMITMENT business model, you can downsize your team in 24 hours.

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Technologies we mostly use

Technologies - .NET .NET
net_core_logo_black .NET Core
Technologies - Java Java
Technologies - Node.js Node.js
pyton Python
technologies-php PHP
Technologies - React React
Technologies - Angular Angular
Technologies - Vue.js Vue.js
Technologies - React native React native
flutter Flutter
kotlin Kotlin
Technologies - Java Java for Android
Technologies - Swift Swift
technologies-objective-c Objective C
azure Azure
aws Amazon AWS

Industries where we have extensive domain knowledge

With over 1000 successfully delivered projects across Europe, the UK, USA and UAE and clients that are choosing to work with us for years, Vega IT has made its mark in more than 15 different industries. Our expertise and work got verified in some key areas such as FinTech, PharmaTech, HealthTech, transportation & logistics, food-tech, enterprise blockchain and others.



Over the years, FinTech (financial technology) continued to evolve to accommodate users’ growing needs. The FinTech industry includes anything from mobile applications, payment systems, and custom software solutions to digital banks and blockchain technology. 

New and cutting-edge solutions are driven by AI which can provide much-needed insights in customers’ spending patterns and their behaviour which allows FinTech organisations to understand their clients better, and tailor their services in a competitive market. 

Learn how our expertise in FinTech can accelerate your business.



Before 2020, medical technology (HealthTech) consisted of many different types of software solutions for improving patients’ lives.

During the pandemic, when the world started functioning remotely, the scalability of many of these solutions was tested. From remote patient monitoring to data-driven solutions, and digital therapy, the post-pandemic world will never be the same. 

Learn how we used our industry expertise to grow the number of remote consultations for our clients from just 18 to 60.000 per month.



InsurTech (Insurance technology) includes various solutions related to the insurance industry. They vary from mobile applications and wearable technology to monitoring devices, complex administration solutions, tracking tools and many others. 

Phone apps, auto-monitoring devices, and wearable technology are all insurance tracking tools, helping people get insurance in a matter of minutes, without human interaction and tiresome documentation.

Read how our clients utilised our extensive experience we have gained working on building insurance-focused solutions.

Our Process

Get to know us, our work methodology and our company culture. We know that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to software development. This is why we want to learn more about your project’s needs to match you with the right software developers from our 750+ professionals.

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Vladan Ostojic

I co-founded Vega IT 15 years ago with my university roommate Saša Popović. We shared a dream to do incredible work that makes us - and our clients - happy. We now have more than 750 engineers who share our passion and bring deep expertise to every project – and we’re ready to tackle whatever project you’ve got for us. Send me an email to start the conversation:

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