How we built Gilded – a robust trading platform that links gold to the blockchain

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The highest data security. Blockchain integration and data automation. Application redesign. We helped Gilded build an intuitive trading platform that gains trust.

Gilded Case Study

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    Gilded combines physical gold with blockchain technology to make gold into a fully functioning digital asset — traded as easily as cash. We helped design the data processes for the trading platform and built the mobile app for iOS and Android.

    The challenge: Complex data processes, simple results

    Gilded needed to do two things: give users a new way to trade physical gold, and help build trust in the product. The heart of the product is a robust trading platform with interactive reports, dashboards and alerting mechanisms — all of which rely on complicated data processes that must adhere to rigid standards and data governance laws in different countries. And Gilded wanted it all available in an app, accessible for iOS and Android.

    The team: Experts in serverless architecture

    We brought an experienced team to the project: Flutter specialists, developers, DevOps engineers, data scientists, and data engineers. The team had deep knowledge of microservice and serverless architecture, as well as blockchain, Flutter development and AR and 3D graphics – essential for creating the tools and features that Gilded needed to build trust in the digital gold product.

    Result: A resilient, trustworthy trading application

    We built the trading platform to be as smooth and resilient as possible, meet regulatory requirements, and build trust in a completely new asset. Our work touched every aspect of the service, from back-end data processes to an augmented reality visualization of the digital gold - allowing users to see their gold in one place.

    How we built it:

    Blockchain integration & data automation

    Gilded’s product relies on combining physical gold with blockchain technology — so our team focused on blockchain integration for the trading platform. We automated a lot of the data processes and cleaned up the data to improve its quality - making the whole system more resilient and reliable.

    Data security

    Security was paramount in this application - and as the requirements of the project changed, we had to work quickly to devise processes that could use the minimum amount of sensitive data to verify users and transactions and rely on back-end processes to fill in the details.

    Adaptability & integration

    We moved the application from a monolithic architecture to microservices. The client was keen to keep costs down, so opted for market-recognized software that we adapted for their needs — working swiftly and inventively to find the best solution.

    A redesigned & improved application

    We redesigned the application, implementing new features such as the ability to use face/touch ID at the log-in stage, and improved the overall user experience. We also built the functionality that supports Gilded’s Digital Gold Vault project, which allows users to see inside the gold vault at Lloyds of London and visualize the gold that they own.

    System integrations

    We leveraged HubSpot’s robust API, which offered us seamless data synchronization capabilities and enhanced operational efficiency by connecting and unifying information from multiple systems. This enabled us to gain a unified view of customer interactions across various touchpoints. With the HubSpot integration, we empowered the delivery of personalized experiences and targeted marketing campaigns, ultimately driving growth and fostering stronger customer relationships.

    The tech we used:

    • Flutter
    • Angular
    • Java
    • Native iOS
    • Native Android
    • NodeJS
    • GoLang
    • Python
    • SQL
    • Azure Cloud Services
    • Azure Data Factory
    • Azure DevOps
    • Kubernetes
    • Helm
    • Terraform
    • Data Dog
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