Product discovery

Informed decisions. Strategic planning. Minimized risk. We don't just build products, we craft digital experiences tailored to the real needs of your users. Our product discovery process is iterative, comprehensive, and designed to ensure product excellence.

At the heart of our approach is a deep understanding of the market, digital products, and, most importantly, your users. Our systematic approach is here to help you avoid common pitfalls in product development, such as building a product no one wants, while also investing a lot of time and money. Leverage our expertise to empower the product team and achieve all your business goals. Your vision. Our knowledge.

Product discovery in digital product development

Idea validation. Market research. Smart investment. Product discovery is a critical phase in the product development process. During this phase, we go deep into understanding and defining the problem that needs to be solved, while ensuring a market demand for the proposed solution.

We identify your potential customers, understand their pain points, develop hypotheses about how the product will address those issues, and validate them. The goal is to minimize the investment risks. Product discovery guides the product’s design and feature set, aligning development efforts with what customers want and need. We help you build products that will bring more revenue and are viable for your business.

Product discovery process

Straightforward. In-depth. Our product team will guide you through the carefully designed product discovery process. Here's what you can expect from our iterative process:

Vision and objectives framing

Our journey starts with sessions where we work closely with your team to assess where you currently stand, and where you desire to be. This crucial step lets us grasp your business aspirations and vision, defining a guiding product vision for the team's decision-making aligned with your business objectives.

Research and analysis

Armed with a product vision, we dig deep into market analysis, technology trends, competitive landscape, customer insights, and, when necessary, business process mapping. Our aim in this phase is to comprehensively understand the market environment, identify user needs and problems, devise solutions, and determine the target markets and the rationale behind these choices, all in order to make informed decisions based on real data. We use tools like Miro, Figma, and FigJam, and frameworks like User Journey, Value Curve, SWOT, and BPMN.

Solution ideation and design

During this phase, we draft a value proposition and product strategy. We create hypotheses, define tests, and user personas, and map user journeys. We continually refine our hypothesis based on real-world feedback.


Is our solution desirable? Feasible? Will it provide value to your offering? This phase focuses on answering those questions. We employ hypothesis testing, prototype creation, and high-level system design. This phase is dynamic, with feedback loops between research and validation, ensuring our value proposition remains robust and relevant.

Scope definition and planning

After completing the initial steps, we have a solid value proposition in hand. We can now define product and business model canvases, ensuring stakeholder alignment. This sets the stage for a successful execution phase.

Project discovery

This is the 'how' phase. During the project discovery phase, we chart out user story maps, solution architecture, and test plans, ensuring a clear blueprint for execution.

Project definition

The last phase of our product discovery process is project definition. Now, with all the insights we gathered, our team can craft project plans, roadmaps, team structures, and risk mitigation strategies. With a clear direction, we help you realize your vision.

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Product discovery outcomes

Clear. Precise. Your blueprints for success. After completing all the phases of the product discovery process, the outcomes you will have are:

Product vision

With a unified vision, you will give the team empowerment to make informed decisions during the discovery and development process.

In-depth research

In-depth research will help you to make an informed strategic direction for product excellence.

Solution ideation

Solution ideation is the conceptual foundation for an optimal product solution.


Validated prototype with data-driven proof of concept that will help you gain support from stakeholders, investors, and decision-makers.

Product strategy

You will be armed with a business model canvas, value proposition, and product strategy for the successful execution of the product.

Project discovery deliverables

Project discovery is a blueprint for the successful execution of product development. With project definition, you will have an actionable project roadmap with a risk mitigation strategy and clear project direction for bringing your product to life. The deliverables at the end of the project discovery phase are:

  • Project roadmap
  • User story map
  • Technical design document and architecture
  • Test plan
  • High-level software requirements specification
  • Timeline and cost estimate
  • Proposed team structure
  • Risk mitigation plan
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Brains behind the Vega IT product discovery process

15 years in the industry. More than 1500 projects under our belt. We’ve been helping clients get results for years, and along the way, we’ve gathered a whole heap of domain expertise. That means we know about the world, as well as the code.

From health and education to finance and cybersecurity, we’ve got experts who know your industry and its unique complexities. During the product discovery process, you will work closely with the brains behind some of the most innovative products:

Principal product manager

Technical principal

Principal project manager

Product owner

Business analyst

UI/UX designer

Software engineers

QA engineer

Data scientist

Domain experts

100 Vega IT minds

What we have done for our customers

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Data-driven. Powered by AI. Our cutting-edge FinTech solutions provide companies with deep insights into customer behaviors, letting them understand them better and develop services that stand out in a highly competitive market.

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Claims management. Data analytics. Legal compliance. Fraud detection. Whether you are an insurance company, broker, or carrier, we help you integrate the latest InsurTech solutions into your business.

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Virtual care. Mental health apps. Data management for clinics and hospitals. We are at our best when delivering custom HealthTech solutions that generate long-lasting value. Enhance patient outreach, improve healthcare quality, and facilitate access to medical data.

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Which business model suits you?

Different budgets, deadlines, challenges, and requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to software development. To match your exact goals and ambitions, we offer two types of business models:

  • Time & material: Greater control. Flexibility. Participation in candidate selection. With no rigid processes or end dates, this business model is easier to scale up or down as your business needs change.
  • Fixed price: Fixed scope. Fixed budget. Fixed timeline. Those are the main benefits of the fixed price model. You set the requirements upfront, and we deliver the project within them.

Many clients choose to start with the fixed-price model. However, as their project scope evolves, they typically shift to the time & material model.

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