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Dreamers, meet-doers. Our experienced Magento web developers are here to help you turn your idea into reality. We will create a user-centric shopping platform for your customers, so you can focus on your core business. Let’s go!


Magento Web Development

Magento is a powerful open-source platform used to create eCommerce websites that connect shopping experiences across multiple platforms. Over the years, we have gathered a whole heap of experience creating custom Magento solutions for our clients.

We are an Adobe Solutions Partner with over 1500 successful shipped projects for clients across the globe. Whatever your ambitions are, we have the specialists to bring your vision to life.

Your idea. Our expertise.

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Magento Development Services We Offer  

Bespoke Solutions

Create a highly customised Magento solution tailored to your specific industry. Our certified Magento developers will bring the brains and passion for creating custom software solutions to drive your success. You will receive an SEO-friendly and highly scalable eCommerce platform to give your customers the best shopping experience across multiple channels.

Mobile Development

Expand your customer base by creating a custom mobile app to drive your sales. Our Magento developers will leverage the latest technologies to create a mobile app that will increase your store availability and revenue. We create apps that support all major platforms - React Native, Android, iOS and Flutter to create a seamless experience for your customers.

Magento Integration

Elevate your business by integrating with third-party solutions such as CRM, payments systems, analytics tools, Amazon, eBay, Facebook shops and more. We got you covered!

Magento Migration

Migrate any existing eCommerce platform to Magento 1 or Magento 2. Our developers will make sure your transition is smooth. We will ensure your migration is done quickly, accurately and securely without compromising your business.

Support and maintenance

Keep your platform performance high and minimise the risks that can affect your business negatively. Take advantage of our Support and Maintenance services to ensure everything runs exactly as you expect.

Magento Omnichannel

Create a unique and seamless experience for your customers across sales channels (Magento stores, social media, marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay etc.) to upscale your business.

Quality Assurance

Our experienced QA engineers will make sure your eCommerce platform satisfies all requested quality standards. They will ensure that your customers have a bug-free, fast and secure shopping experience by testing functional and non-functional aspects of your platform.

We’re here to find fast, elegant solutions to your trickiest problems.

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Magento: Main Features and Benefits


Magento is a highly customisable eCommerce platform that can be developed to match your specific needs. It allows you to integrate third-party solutions to reach your customers across various sales channels and elevate your shop's presence.



Responsive design features offered by the Magento platform provide one of the best shopping experiences for users in any environment and screen size. In addition, thanks to cashing management, the platform allows you to increase the response time of shop searches and decrease the chances of cart abandonment by users.


Easy integration

Magento platform is compatible with various CRM platforms. It allows easy, fast and secure integration with third-party technologies such as payment systems and digital marketing tools essential to marketing and analytic data.


Open Source

Magento was developed in 2008 as an open-source platform, and since then, it has experienced rapid growth in the community of Magento developers. They all contribute to the code's development and protection while offering solutions and guidelines to ensure Magento website solutions are designed in the right way.


Increased Security

Scan tools created by Magento use over 30 security tests to give real-time insights into your store and potential vulnerabilities. Thanks to its active community, you can always be informed of new potential security issues that appear.


Data Import & Catalog Management

Use the full potential of the Magento platform and import existing customers, information, data and products from different systems and applications to save time and money. You can manage your content easily thanks to catalogues browsing and catalogue management. For larger and more complex applications and shops, third-party solutions are available.


Heads in the world. Hearts in the code.

We are not average software partners who just sit back and solve tickets. We match your ambitions and goals, extend your team and drive success.

Progress happens when we co-create. Book a call and build your next big idea with us.

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How to choose the right Magento partner?


  • Ask about the pricing model and rates - make sure there are no hidden costs
  • Have a clear understanding of your needs and requirements
  • Be sure to research which companies are the right fit for you - reputation is everything
  • Ask for references and projects that validate their experience and domain expertise

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How to choose the right Magento partner?


  • Learn about their developers’ language proficiency and how it aligns with you and your company's culture
  • Find out if they are Magento or Adobe Solutions partners. This means they are dedicated to creating the best eCommerce website and have certified Magento developers.
  • Make sure they can continue enhancing and maintaining your platform

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When Is the Right Time to Hire a Magento Partner?

With over 1500+ successful projects under our belt, we have gained valuable insights into why clients trust us. They usually hire us when:

  • They need a dedicated development team that can take ownership of the project. These teams are not limited to software developers, they can also include supporting roles such as product owners, project managers, scrum masters, QA and DevOps engineers.
  • They need to extend their in-house team
  • They need bespoke Magento solutions to be built from scratch based on their business requirements
  • They have an existing eCommerce solution that needs to be migrated to the Magento platform or a different Magento version
  • They need a partner with deep experience in specific industry
  • They need a reliable partner to maintain and support the platform to keep everything running smoothly
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Case Study: Paperchase

Recently, a client approached Vega IT to help them increase the scope of services they provide. They wanted to create a custom and complex application that will run on all mobile devices. The client wanted to add unique features to the application so that they would create a new market for the products and services they provide.

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Strength in numbers

16 +
Years in the market
750 +
Expert software engineers
1500 +
Projects launched
200 +
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Which business model suits you?

Different budgets, deadlines, challenges, and requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to software development. To match your exact goals and ambitions, we offer two types of business models:

  • Time & material: Greater control. Flexibility. Participation in candidate selection. With no rigid processes or end dates, this business model is easier to scale up or down as your business needs change.
  • Fixed price: Fixed scope. Fixed budget. Fixed timeline. Those are the main benefits of the fixed price model. You set the requirements upfront, and we deliver the project within them.

Many clients choose to start with the fixed-price model. However, as their project scope evolves, they typically shift to the time & material model.

Time And Material Website
Fixed Price Website

Content management made easy

We use simple content management systems (CMS) when building websites. Update your or your client’s content with ease. Create, preview, test, schedule, and publish pages in just a few steps. We build a website – a fully customized HTML lets you tweak the design to meet the client’s needs. Simple. User-friendly. Customizable. Take a look at some CMS we have experience with.

Technologies we mostly use

  • Html
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Maria DB
  • Mysql
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