Driving growth together: Vega IT and Fluent Commerce join forces for enhanced customer experiences

Categories: Business Insights Date 13-Feb-2024 3 minutes to read
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    One of the leading providers of omnichannel order management solutions, Fluent Commerce, shared its partners network and announced Vega IT as its certificated implementation partner. 

    This partnership emphasizes our commitment to delivering advanced solutions to our retail clients.

    What is Fluent Commerce? 

    Fluent Commerce is the distributed order management system that enables agility and profitability for its clients. Its main competitive advantage is a system designed to streamline and optimize end to end order lifecycle. From order capture to fulfillment and returns, Fluent Commerce grants businesses to orchestrate seamless experiences for the end customers.

    The benefits of using Fluent Commerce 

    • Optimized order fulfillment: Businesses can efficiently manage orders across multiple channels, fulfillment centers and warehouses and ensure prompt delivery and end customer satisfaction.
    • Seamless customer experience: By centralizing order management processes, Fluent Commerce enables businesses to provide customers with real-time order tracking, inventory visibility, and flexible delivery options, thereby enhancing the overall shopping experience.
    • Increased operational efficiency: All workflows are automated, helping businesses streamline their operations, improve productivity, and reduce manual errors as much as possible.
    • Scalability and flexibility: Small businesses and large enterprises use Fluent Commerce with the same rate of satisfaction, because Fluent Commerce offers scalable solutions that can adapt to every business size and its needs.

    Why do LVMH and Prada Group trust Fluent Commerce? 

    Some of the world's most renowned brands trust Fluent Commerce to power their omnichannel operations. Among them are industry leaders such as LVMH, Prada Group, Loreal, and Breitling. 

    This is no surprise if we keep in mind that Fluent order management received the highest possible score in the Forrester Wave report, in seven criteria, including:

    • performance
    • workflows and notifications
    • international orders and globalization
    • usability and configuration
    • product vision

    Optimize your eCommerce business with Fluent Commerce and Vega IT

    Our team of certified experts stands ready to assist you in implementing and optimizing Fluent Commerce solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you're looking to integrate Fluent Commerce with your existing systems, customize workflows, or enhance your omnichannel strategy, we can help you succeed.

    Let's unlock the full potential of Fluent Commerce and elevate your eCommerce capabilities. Contact us at contact@vegaitglobal.com.

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