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Custom iOS Application Development Services

Engage your customers with iOS applications that capture their attention and increase retention rates. Our iOS specialists are here to help you realize your idea - You just have to add ideas!

Ios App Development

What Is Custom iOS App Development?

iOS mobile app development is focused on creating applications which run on iOS-powered devices. This includes a whole ecosystem of devices such as iPhones, IPads, Apple Watch and Apple TV. It allows a much easier and faster development process for various devices which can cut down your cost while giving your customers long-lasting value.

Our iOS app developers have been leveraging Swift and Objective-C programming languages to create beautiful applications for our clients. Besides creating public applications, you also have a chance to build private applications within a particular group or individual when needed.

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Our Core iOS Development Services

  • Stay ahead of the competition and create custom iOS applications to reach more customers and boost your success. Our experienced iOS developers have been creating apps to help our clients increase their revenue for years. Whether you need an extension of your in-house or a self-sufficient team, we got the best experts for you. Your vision. Our expertize.
  • With over 1500+ successfully shipped projects, we know how important it is to make sure your app meets the highest quality standards. By validating all of the aspects of your iOS app, you will get a bug-free, fast and secure app your users will love.
  • We are not your average software development partner who just sits back and solves tickets. We are a proactive bunch of people, who will guide you through every step of the iOS app development process, which includes App store submission. Our team will be your support, to make sure your application follows Apple’s guidelines in order to launch your app.
  • To make sure your app keeps running smoothly, our iOS engineers will provide you with the necessary support. They will also help you with app monitoring, performance enhancements, bug fixing and anything necessary to make sure everything runs just as planned.

We’re here to find fast, elegant solutions to your trickiest problems.

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How much does iPhone app development cost?

Costs will depend on the complexity of the application, and the list of functionalities you want to include based on your target audience. The development of an iOS app could also imply additional updating, maintenance, and other costs.

With over 1 billion Apple users worldwide, the opportunity is there, you just have to take it. Progress happens when we co-create. We take care of our delivering your product, and you focus on your business.

With over 1500+ projects shipped, we got the experienced developers to help you build your next big idea and drive revenue. Your success. Our Passion.

Our Process

Get to know us, our work methodology and our company culture. We know that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to software development. This is why we want to learn more about your project’s needs to match you with the right software developers from our 750+ professionals.

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The Benefits Of Hiring An iOS App Development Services Company

Vendors like Vega IT already have a large pool of talented developers who are ready to go, helping you cut your operational costs of running a business like hiring, office space, onboarding etc.

Increase your revenue by accelerating the development cycle with an experienced partner like Vega IT. This means you can launch your software products much faster to ensure you grab a bigger market share.

Companies such as Vega IT have a large pool of talents with industry-specific expertise to get the job done. Having experienced team of developers with deep domain knowledge means you can realise your vision much faster, without worrying about software quality. This means you don’t have to put in extra effort to learn about specific domain and industry, we got you covered.

Partner with a reliable software company so that you can focus on your business while they do the heavy lifting. Companies such as Vega IT are experienced vendors, with strict quality control and processes which allow you to avoid any additional risk of running a business.

Knowing when is the right time to scale up or down your team can often make or break a business. Software partners like Vega IT are the ones who can help keep up with customer demand, without endangering your business in any way.

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What We Have Done for Our Customers

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750 +
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1500 +
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200 +
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Technologies we mostly use

Technologies - React native React Native
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Android Android
Technologies - Swift Swift
kotlin Kotlin
technologies-objective-c Objective-C
Technologies - Java Java for Android
technologies-phonegap Phone Gap
technologies-cordova Cordova
Technologies - HTML HTML
Technologies - CSS CSS
Gulp Gulp
Technologies - Node.js Node.js
Vladan Ostojic

I co-founded Vega IT 15 years ago with my university roommate Saša Popović. We shared a dream to do incredible work that makes us - and our clients - happy. We now have more than 750 engineers who share our passion and bring deep expertise to every project – and we’re ready to tackle whatever project you’ve got for us. Send me an email to start the conversation: vladan.ostojic@vegaitglobal.com.

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