How we supercharged numerous eCommerce websites using Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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From retail to fitness, we’ve combined our software development expertise and Salesforce integration capabilities to co-create websites for numerous international clients. The goal? Helping them increase the overall user experience, supercharge sales, and gain a competitive edge in their sectors.

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    The challenge: Providing seamless user experiences

    Full website redesign. The optimization of the checkout flow. Introducing new, interactive ways of showing unique selling points for the client’s specific products. Many companies in the field of retail worked with us as their technical partner to help them deliver memorable customer journeys and redesign their websites, preparing them for future growth.

    For example, one of our clients is a leading gym chain, with over 1000 clubs. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, they’ve introduced a webshop and various online workout programs. Given the increased complexity of their business plan, they decided to fortify their checkout flow to make sure it kept pace with their users’ needs. Their primary goal was to make the process more intuitive and user-friendly.

    A dream team of Salesforce Commerce Cloud experts and front-end developers

    The optimization of eCommerce websites is complex, consisting of multiple fields, including the delivery of exceptional user experiences, from a user’s first impression to the checkout.

    The process required extensive UI/UX expertise, especially in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud tech stack. That is where our team of experienced Salesforce professionals and front-end engineers entered the scene.

    The solution: Harnessing the power of Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s advanced features

    Page Designer

    Working for clients on multiple projects, we relied on Page Designer as the primary page builder technology. This is a commerce feature, designed for B2C businesses, which supports standard development processes and tools for creating reusable page and component types. It allowed us to build reusable page types and component types that were easily optimizable and fully supported the goals of the client.

    Using Page Designer, we easily created page variations to localize website components for each locale as needed. One such example is our client, a large sportswear brand, which sells products in numerous countries. We used Page Designer to create multi-language page variations to appeal to their diverse target audiences.


    We’ve also introduced the hotspot component, which represents a graphical and interactive approach to showing USPs for specific products. We also implemented drag-and-drop functionalities that could be easily managed and reused by content editors.

    The result: Improved user experiences, resulting in higher conversions

    By boosting the website UX/UI for clients across various industries, we helped them improve the overall customer journey. The result? After the website redesign, our clients reported significant improvements in average order values and conversion rates, as well as lowered cart abandonment rates and checkout abandonment rates. A better user experience has helped them increase repeat purchases and inspire customer loyalty.

    The full tech stack

    • CSS
    • NPM
    • Page Designer
    • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
    • HTML
    • JS
    • SVG

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