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Our culture book was created to help our colleagues, and people outside our organisation, to get to know Vega IT even better. The book contains guidelines and approaches we've followed so far, but this is by no means something that will limit anyone in any way, because we, as a company, value new ideas, and respect the opinion of our colleagues. We hope you'll enjoy reading our culture book, and get a better understanding of our values, and our company culture. Have fun! :-)

Get our Culture Book

Want to find out more about our company culture? This book contains all the details about our vision, mission and our values, so feel free to take a look, or download our e-version of the book, and learn more about Vega IT.

Maja Neducic Form

Everything about Maja's CV screams Industrial Psychology, and she's riding the new wave of personnel administration as Vega IT's Partner and Chief People Officer. Want to talk more? Contact Maja at:

Maja Nedučić


I will tell you more about our company culture. If you want to meet us, I invite you to visit Vega IT offices!


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