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Android App Development

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As Google's mobile operating system, Android dominates the global smartphone market with over 2.8 billion active users, the largest user database, and a 75% global market share. The best part is that the Android system has the highest loyalty and sales rate.

Android OS allows you to communicate between applications, and run one from the other. The advantage is that you can use Windows, Mac OS, or Linux to develop Android applications. They represent a great platform for both users and developers, primarily thanks to the development environment, software tools, and the constant support that comes from Google.

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What are the 4 main components of Android?

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Activities are the starting point for interaction with the user and they allow performing actions on the smartphone screen. Launching a new activity pushes the old into the background and stops until the new one is done, by finishing the new one the previous activity resumes. Each Android app has more than one activity and although all work together to provide a complete user experience, each one is independent of the other.

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These are long-lasting background processes which do not break even when the initiating component is interrupted or transferred to another application. The services do not provide a user interface and they represent the main point for maintaining applications running in the background.

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Content providers

Content providers bring object-oriented functionality, and their task is to deliver data from one application to others on demand. They are used to manage access through a set of data that are in the file system or somewhere else. They are needed because, in Android, each app has a unique ID, but a different storage path that involves running different processes - content providers are there to provide data.

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Broadcast receivers

They provide communication between Android OS and applications, allowing the app to respond to system-wide broadcast announcements. They respond to emitted intents from other applications or systems. A broadcast intent is a background operation that users never see, but activities allow transactions to be seen.

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We are determined and excited by the challenges. Our Android developers always look for a better way to do things and are not hesitating to make suggestions.

We’re not the kind of software partner who just sits back and solves tickets. We take time to learn everything about your business: your dreams, hopes, fears, and challenges.

From solution and delivery to support and maintenance, just show us your dream and we’ll build it with you.

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Build your vision. Boost your business.

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How to choose a Software company for Android development?

The right Android app development company seeks to respond fast to market demands, optimise the functional use of mobile applications designed to coordinate with more complex technology, and focus on usability and accessibility. If you are searching for the right software partner, these are the key things to remember:

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  • Create a list of things your mobile app requires
  • Create a list of potential Mobile app development partners
  • Validate if they have all the necessary roles for your project
  • Ask more about their domain knowledge and technical expertise
  • Check the references that can confirm their expertise
  • Make sure they can help your support and maintain your Android app after the development
  • Negotiate terms and pricing, and make sure there are no hidden costs

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