Quality assurance engineers

Excellence. Precision. Consistency. Quality assurance engineers go beyond software testing. They are the guardians of product quality who take care of everything from defining test strategy, performing different types of testing, and incorporating the QA process into the software development to minimize the risk of potential production issues.

Super passionate. Hyper focused.

Continuous improvement. Persistent quality pursuit. We match your ambition, extend your team, and drive your success. Through careful planning, testing, and fine-tuning, we’re here to ensure the exquisite quality of your products.

Quality planning

Clear standards. Clean code. We know how to achieve and maintain quality throughout the entire project lifecycle. Count on us to prevent defects, minimize risks, and deliver a product that not only meets but exceeds customer expectations.

Workflow optimization

More efficiency. Stronger quality. Quality assurance engineers are always on the lookout for optimizing existing processes and workflows. We know that the way we work is equally important as the product we’re working on.

Compliance with quality standards

Relentless testing. With the eye of a tiger. We anticipate potential risks and mitigate them by applying functional, load, performance, and accessibility testing to make sure your product is bulletproof.

Continuous improvement

Kaizen philosophy. Experimental mindset. Quality assurance engineers analyze data and feedback to identify potential improvements. We move swiftly and implement learnings to increase the quality throughout the development lifecycle.

Implementing user feedback

We listen to understand. By collecting and analyzing what users have to say, we create a feedback loop and adjust our quality assurance process. That is how we help you build a product that people truly want.

Strength in numbers

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Why do you need quality assurance engineers?

In-depth insights. Uncompromisable quality. This is what our quality assurance services bring to your project. We work with businesses at the cutting edge of digital product development, skillfully overseeing the testing and assurance processes. The result? Making sure your end users deserve nothing short of feeling delighted with the experience.

The best quality there is

We aim high. Then we raise the bar further. Our quality assurance engineers have worked on a variety of projects across Europe, the UAE, and the US. We know what it takes to launch successful products, and we make sure they never stop delighting.

Expertise, dedication, ambition

Strategic thinkers. Devoted quality advocates. We’re a team of A-players who believe quality must not be arbitrary. Quality is a direct consequence of strategic thinking, defined standards, well-thought-out processes, and continuous improvement.

Significant time and resource savings

More time. Less worry. By working with us as your tech partner, you free up your time and focus on other important segments of your business. Let your in-house team play into their strengths – we’ll proudly safeguard your product quality.

What we have done for our customers

Our work

Our quality assurance competencies

Uncompromisable quality. Brought to you by top engineers. We ensure the software or product you’re launching works correctly by testing it thoroughly. The goal? Identifying and fixing any bugs or errors in the system.

We test relentlessly

  • We use automated testing tools and scripts to efficiently and repetitively test software, catch bugs, and ensure consistent performance.
  • We rely on testing frameworks such as Cypress, Playwright, Selenium, JUnit, TestNG, and others (we adapt to your technology stack).
  • We conduct performance testing to evaluate how a system behaves under different conditions and make sure it meets performance benchmarks and can handle varying levels of load.
  • We perform accessibility testing to make sure that the software is compliant with the desired standard.

We’re masters of code

  • We have great knowledge of web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which allows us to effectively test the user interface and user experience.
  • Besides web technologies, we have a lot of experience in testing mobile and desktop applications, cloud environments, and embedded systems.
  • We actively listen to your needs and requests to make sure we turn raw data into insights that matter.
  • We’re proficient in programming languages like Java, Python, or JavaScript, which allows us to create and maintain automated test scripts.

We’re all about continuous improvement

  • We test processes into CI/CD pipelines and make sure that testing is an integral part of the development cycle (this is how we enable quicker identification and resolution of issues).
  • We have in-depth knowledge of Agile methodologies and practices, which allows us to smoothly collaborate with the development team, and deliver high-quality software faster.

We work with your team shoulder to shoulder, delivering exceptional digital products.

Which business model suits you?

Different budgets, deadlines, challenges, and requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to software development. To match your exact goals and ambitions, we offer two types of business models:

  • Time & material: Greater control. Flexibility. Participation in candidate selection. With no rigid processes or end dates, this business model is easier to scale up or down as your business needs change.
  • Fixed price: Fixed scope. Fixed budget. Fixed timeline. Those are the main benefits of the fixed price model. You set the requirements upfront, and we deliver the project within them.

Many clients choose to start with the fixed-price model. However, as their project scope evolves, they typically shift to the time & material model.

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Technologies we mostly use

  • Selenium
  • Robot Framework
    Robot Framework
  • Appium
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