Building innovative SaaS software for Mapiq

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How we helped Mapiq skyrocket the number of users and retain existing ones

Mapiq Vega IT Case Study

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    Mapiq is the leading workplace experience platform designed to help organizations worldwide manage and optimize their facilities at scale while enabling employees to experience the workplace at its best.

    The challenge: building and maintaining Mapiq’s SaaS apps

    Mapiq was looking for seasoned .NET/C# back-end developers with experience in building web applications and SaaS software. They needed an extension of their in-house software development team on maintaining the back end for the Mapiq web and mobile applications.

    Familiar with our industry experience, they expected us to propose fresh practices, build new, exciting features, and create integrations with third-party systems. They wanted to develop a highly scalable app that would be able to handle thousands of daily users without a hiccup.

    Apart from attracting new app users, the client’s goal was to upsell and retain their existing clients. To achieve that, they needed more than an experienced software development team. They were looking for a tech partner that would get to know their business. Someone who would work together with the rest of the team on developing an efficient, user-friendly, and scalable SaaS solution.

    24 professionals as an extension to Mapiq’s in-house team

    We built an end-to-end team, able to deliver the solution from ideation to the launch. It contained 24 people, including Software Architects, Scrum Masters, Front-End Developers, Back-End Developers, Mobile Developers, and QAs.

    The team participated actively in all aspects of product development. We closely collaborated with the client’s sales team and participated in customer research. Our aim was to better understand the client’s target audience and deliver better-targeted solutions to them.

    The results: a scalable SaaS product built on stable foundations

    User-friendliness. Scalability. Long-term results. Those are just some key objectives the client set when they reached out to us. And, that is exactly what the Vega IT team, as their tech partner, delivered.
    Thanks to our deep industry experience, we managed to significantly optimize workflows. We increased team autonomy, saving their in-house software architects lots of time. That allowed them to focus on other aspects of the platform development.

    How we achieved those results

    Shifting to React: making the app more scalable

    A shift from the Knockout.js application to React enhanced the overall application performance. We focused on continuous delivery, app stability, and testing automation. That way, we made sure that the application can withstand the growing number of users.

    The tech stack

    • .NET
    • C#
    • ASP .NET
    • Entity Framework
    • React Native
    • React.js
    • Knockout.js
    • Azure
    • Robot framework (QA-A)


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