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Websites Development Services

Do you need a company to help you create a pixel perfect website? We have been providing website development services and creating custom, award-winning websites for numerous agencies around the world. Our team of over 500+ experienced developers can turn your ideas into reality. Contact us and see how we can help you grow your business and improve customer experience.

Website Development

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What is Website Development?

Whether you are coming from one of the biggest digital agencies or you are a smaller designer’s studio, our experience with more than 1000+ web projects will help you deliver projects to your clients cost-effectively and on time. Vega IT partnered with leading CMS and E-commerce vendors in order to gain the best possible experience, to stay up-to-date with the best practices regarding their products and to be able to offer our partners/clients the best possible solutions.

We have been providing website development services for 15+ years now and have created award-winning websites for more than 30 agencies around the world. We have a team that counts 130+ front-end developers and 500+ software developers, each of them with many years of experience in building websites based on CMS and e-commerce systems. They take responsibility for their projects and suggest the best possible solutions for our clients.

What makes a great website?

To consider a website truly great it needs to be:

  • Pixel perfect - it needs to match perfectly the design you made
  • Responsive - for enhanced experience across devices
  • Easy-to-use - for both regular users as well as for users with special needs
  • Optimized - you want your clients to get the best performing websites
  • Technically perfect - syntactically correct where semantical reach for the websites is SEO friendly.
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How can Vega IT help you build an amazing website?

Based on the design we get, our front-end team codes pixel perfect static pages (HTML and CSS) and, after that, our back-end team makes the static pages dynamic. In case our partner/client doesn’t have a preferred CMS,  our team will suggest an optimal solution after doing a short analysis.

Do you need help with Front-End Website Development?

Regardless of whether you're looking for an external front-end development partner, or experienced front-end developers to integrate with your in-house team, we'll provide the right experts for your project. Our team of 130+ front-end developers does not only supply technical expertise but makes sure your project is done the right way and, of course, on time. You can expect to get all the front-end development services you need or want right here.

Read more about our Front-End services.

Do you need an easily content managed website?

Content Management Systems (CMS) used by our teams are simple and customizable editing and content creation tools. This means that we will build websites for your clients that they can easily update by themselves. Create, preview, test and publish or schedule pages to be published at a later stage. Since your clients use the systems that allow fully customized HTML, they are also allowed to adjust the website we create for them to match the design they have in mind.

We have experience with: Umbraco | EpiServer | Sitecore | Drupal | Magento

What Are the Expected Website Development Costs?

This greatly depends on the type of a website you need us to build for your client. Since website development covers everything from building a simple online brochure and all the way to the large custom-built portals, it is difficult to make any estimates before learning the specifics of your needs.

The most frequent model which we use when collaborating with agencies is a dedicated team, which means that our team of experts works full-time on different projects for our clients. Some of those projects include the development of new websites and some include the maintenance of the existing ones. We often start a collaboration with a new client/agency by using a fixed pricing model. This usually turns into a dedicated team after both parties build trust in one another. Also, we can easily downsize or scale the team in accordance with our clients’ needs.

Our process

Get to know us, our work methodology and our company culture. We know that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to software development. This is why we want to learn more about your project’s needs to match you with the right software developers from our 750+ professionals.

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Case Study: Paperchase

Recently, a client approached Vega IT to help them increase the scope of services they provide. They wanted to create a custom and complex application that will run on all mobile devices. The client wanted to add unique features to the application so that they would create a new market for the products and services they provide.

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Case Study - Emperor: Antofagasta

Solutions: An Umbraco-based, easily-managed website that presents an effective look and feels to a new ‘plc’ audience, introducing the corporate side, reflecting brand elements all while creating a distinct corporate visual identity.

Results: This will improve the transparency of the business and also reinforce the strategy and business model of the Group, whilst provides clear insight into the economic inputs and outputs.

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Case Study: Bank of Cyprus - National Website

Our client needed a website to present their services, offers and new updates to their customers, so we suggested using the EPiServer content management system. The new and easily-managed website reflects a company’s new visual identity. During the development process, together with the client, we decided to implement additional pages and features to the website.

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Case Study: Aprimo

We introduced ElasticSearch into the system, which reduced search execution dramatically (for some search expressions from a couple of minutes to tens of milliseconds).The new version of Aprimo Smart Content Hub supports heavier operations executed in the everyday environment, it allows fast execution of very complex search expressions and it’s fully extensible and customizable.


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Case Study: SMS PLC

As the first and the only certified Umbraco CMS Partner in Eastern Europe, we are successfully building and maintaining Umbraco powered websites on the .NET platform for numerous companies.


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Case Study: Website - 12 days of giving

An advent calendar, built on the top of the Umbraco platform, with a selection of best project case studies from the year. The website has been built for humanitarian purposes, but also to present and value the work carried out by the company.

The client-side used the following technologies: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, while the server-side used Umbraco CMS, the .NET Framework and C# programming language.


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Technologies we mostly use

Technologies - .NET .NET
technologies-php PHP
Technologies - HTML HTML
Technologies - CSS CSS
technologies-bootstrap Bootstrap
Technologies - AngularJS AngularJS
Technologies - React React
Technologies - Node.js Node.js
Gulp Gulp
jquery jQuery
Vladan Ostojic

I co-founded Vega IT 15 years ago with my university roommate Saša Popović. We shared a dream to do incredible work that makes us - and our clients - happy. We now have more than 750 engineers who share our passion and bring deep expertise to every project – and we’re ready to tackle whatever project you’ve got for us. Send me an email to start the conversation: vladan.ostojic@vegaitglobal.com.

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