The Colleague of the Month: Vega IT Values You Program Has Been Extended

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    People sometimes forget to show appreciation to their colleagues due to a lot of tasks with close deadlines. At Vega IT, we have realised that our colleagues are happier and more productive when we praise their work.

    Thus, our Culture Committee came up with an idea to reestablish the Colleague of the month program.

    Even though we are very grateful to our colleagues for giving a helping hand, sometimes we want to express our gratitude publicly. With this program, we can keep our colleagues informed about the kind acts of our colleagues.


    We show appreciation to our colleagues

    How Do We Nominate a Colleague of The Month?

    All the nominations of our colleagues are welcome, whether we want to praise his/her ongoing hard work and contributions or recognise his/her unique accomplishments.

    We can submit our nomination at any time and as many times as we want. And, it’s very simple! All we have to do is to write a sentence or two explaining why we are nominating that specific colleague.

    At the end of the month, we organise anonymous online voting. On the first day of each month, everyone finds out who is being recognised as a colleague of the last month.


    Nominate a colleague of the month

    Who Is the Colleague of The Month of May?

    Our colleague Nikola Nikolaš had two nominations, and his noble acts made him become the Colleague of the month of May 2020. Congratulations, Nikola! Here you can read the complete text about both nominations:

    The first nomination:

    Dear colleagues,

    I would like to share with you the reason why I believe that we have the honour to work with a colleague who we can be grateful to for his hard work and dedication during the previous period.

    This colleague’s name is Nikola Nikolaš. I would like to share with you the reason why I believe that we have the honour to work with a colleague who we can be grateful to for his hard work and dedication during the previous period.

    Nikola has been a true team player who accepted suggestions of any kind without any reservations, making an effort and doing hard work.

    I found out by chance that Nikola actively helps colleagues on other projects as well in parallel with his own obligations. That’s why I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate him on his patience, time organisation, honest relationship with his colleagues, and, above all, his modesty and composure.

    Get to Know Nikola Nikolaš

    Nikola is not only a dedicated colleague who will help anyone on the team to achieve great results, but he is also a kind person who will go the extra mile to help his team. This is why he was nominated for the colleague of the month for the second time:

    ...because, besides working on this project, he not only offered to take me to the medical treatment but he also accompanied me while I was waiting for my turn and took me back home when the treatment finished. :-)


    Get to know Nikola Nikolaš

    Everyone who has met Nikola knows that he is passionate about football. He has been into playing football and watching football matches since he was a child. For Nikola, football is the most important thing of the least important things in life.

    When it comes to programming, Nikola explains that he fell in love with it when he was a teenager. Even though he didn't attend any programming classes at the high school of economics, he read a lot of books on that topic. Each year, he used to go to a book fair where he would buy a bunch of books about software development.

    Although Nikola likes .NET technologies most, he still reads articles about new trends in software development because he states everybody should focus on lifelong learning.

    Nikola, we can proudly say that we are happy to have you on our team!

    Why Are Vega IT Values You Programs Important?

    Our values are quality, teamwork, fulfilment, responsibility, and trust. Having these values in mind, our colleagues approach us with their ideas on how to contribute to those values in different aspects of our work and the company. Such programs include:

    - A random act of kindness
    - Most valuable professionals
    - Fitlife
    - Kids club
    - Book club
    - STAR... that makes others shine?

    Why should we wait for a praise week if we can share our thank-yous at every moment? Stay tuned and see who will become our colleague of the month for June 2020.

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