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    Have you ever wanted to have a sneak peek into a typical working day of a CTO?

    Our Chief Technology Officer, Boban Mikšin, is always ready to help our colleagues, and coaching plays a big part of his daily routine.

    That’s why we thought this small internal campaign could be a great chance for our teammates to work alongside Boban on all his daily tasks.


    Work in pair with Boban

    Who Worked with Boban?

    More than 30 colleagues applied and Boban picked one of them randomly. The application process was the same as it was for Pair with Saša campaign we had a few weeks ago.

    The lucky colleague was our Vuk Raković who was delighted to participate in this programme. Even though Boban and Vuk are in the same office, Vuk always wanted to know what Boban does on a daily basis.

    “This was one very interesting experience and I am happy to be given a chance to work with Boban in a pair!” - said Vuk.


    Vuk and Boban making coffee

    What Did Boban and Vuk Do on That Day?

    Boban and Vuk’s working day was full of business meetings and code reviews. The things they enjoyed the most were their conversations between these sessions. Both of them broadened their perspectives by listening to each other and learning about each other’s point of view.

    “I had a chance to attend some of the meetings, both daily and those that happen 'on the fly'. I even actively participated in some of the meetings!” - explained Vuk.

    This was a new and interesting experience for Boban, too. He appreciated Vuk’s effort and big desire to play an active role in his working day without being just a mere observer.

    “Vuk was eager to understand each mail, decision, and alike which I really liked. He even made a few suggestions a few times and I am very grateful to him for that.” - said Boban.

    Besides their hard work, they also had a great time playing a game of pool.
    “I am a big fan of pool, so I was really excited to play a game of pool with Boban. Although he said that he hadn’t played pool for a long time, it actually turned out that he is very good at playing it.” - said Vuk.

    Boban made a joke and said - “I am particularly grateful that he let me win one game. :) “


    Vuk and Boban playing pool

    While they might not agree on who’s better at playing pool, they definitely agree that we should repeat this campaign soon.

    We hope you like this programme, and that you will do something similar for your colleagues. We invite you to stay tuned and keep an eye on our media centre because we are preparing some more knowledge-sharing events.

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