The Colleague of the Month of August 2020: Vuk Raković

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    "Good colleagues are those who know that WE is more powerful than ME" - N. Beniwal

    Once again, it’s time to announce our Colleague of the Month! :-)

    In the past 30 days, our colleagues have sent us anonymous nominations and gave us their reasons why they have decided to nominate certain colleagues for this special recognition.

    The title Colleague of the Month of August 2020 goes to our Software Developer, Vuk Raković.

    “It started out with our collaboration on a project, and ended up with a friendship. Thanks to Vuk, the process of adapting to a new technology and a new project didn’t cause stress or discomfort. Unselfish dedication and “jumping in” the project are only a few things which made Vuk stand out from the rest of the colleagues I work with. The fact that Vuk works on another project and that he helps us and takes part in our project at the same time shows his qualities, primarily the personal ones. The challenges he encountered while working on a project never stopped him from approaching the issue in a friendly way and talking about every problem there is. Vuk, thank you for everything you do.”

    Get to Know Vuk

    Vuk has always been madly in love with the Internet. Eventually, he wanted to find out more about how the Internet actually works. Later on, his curiosity led him to become a programmer.
    Vuk likes to emphasize the fact that he used to be a soccer goalkeeper which implies that the net has always been an integral part of his life.

    Once a passionate gamer, he is now primarily the Internet enthusiast. However, it is important to mention that he also engages in video editing in his spare time, which drives him and keeps him occupied.

    Vuk likes to travel, and he certainly hopes that he will be able to dedicate more time to visiting and discovering this world of ours in the future. He very much looks forward to trying different cuisines around the planet, because tasting authentic food when travelling is always on his to-do list.

    He says: “I feel nice when I can make my colleagues’ work more pleasant and fun :)”

    Vuk, thank you for everything you do for our colleagues!

    Are you interested in seeing who our next colleague of the month will be? Stay tuned and follow our Linkedin profile. ;-)

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