Empowering Future Innovators: Vega IT at Codefair 2024

Aleksandra Milić Date 19-Jun-2024 3 minutes to read
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    Codefair, organized by the student organization Student Union, is a premier event designed to connect students with industry leaders and potential employers. This year's event was held on May 28th, and we were thrilled to be right in the middle of it!

     Our mission? To inspire and empower the next generation of tech innovators. With our vibrant booth, packed with fun and challenging activities, we aimed to ignite curiosity and foster growth among students.

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    Engaging Activities: Fun and Learning at Our Stand

    This year's Codefair 2024 was a whirlwind of excitement, learning, and innovation. Our booth was a central hub where students could engage in a variety of activities designed to challenge their skills and ignite their passion for technology. Here’s a closer look at what we had to offer:

    Rubik's Cube and the Backpack Challenge

    The Rubik's Cube challenge tested problem-solving skills under pressure, while the "Guess the Weight of the Backpack" game added a competitive twist. It was a fun way for students to sharpen their minds and awake their competitive spirit.

    Tech Quiz

    The tech quiz offered an opportunity for participants to showcase their technical knowledge, with prizes awaiting the brightest minds. It created an environment where learning was both fun and rewarding.

    Branded Bicycle Giveaway and Donation Initiative

    The highlight of our booth was undoubtedly the bicycle challenge. Every pedal stroke not only gave students a chance to win a branded bicycle but also contributed to our initiative to fund a bicycle rack donation to the Faculty of Technical Sciences. Thanks to their enthusiastic participation, in just a few hours we successfully raised funds and donated the racks, underscoring our commitment to sustainability and community support.

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    Lecture: “Unveiling the Power of Web Browsers in Modern Development” by Aleksandar Makarić

    Our colleague Aleksandar captivated the audience with a dynamic lecture on maximizing the potential of web browsers. He shared valuable insights and practical tips, delving into advanced features and future trends that sparked lively discussions among attendees. Aleksandar's session wasn't just informative—it was an eye-opener for many students about the immense capabilities of tools they use daily.

    Exclusive Workshop Experience 

    Following Aleksandar's lecture, our colleague Zorana hosted an exclusive workshop at our office, focusing on Full-stack development with Angular and .NET. This session provided students with hands-on experience and deep insights into advanced web development techniques, highlighting the dedication to students who showed outstanding knowledge during Codefair.

    Students actively engaged in practical exercises, improving their skills and gaining valuable knowledge from Zorana's expertise. Beyond technical skills, the workshop created a lively atmosphere for networking and making connections. Many students took the opportunity to form new friendships and professional relationships, enriching their overall experience at Codefair.

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    We continue to build the future together

    Reflecting on our experience at Codefair, we were thrilled by the enthusiasm and talent demonstrated by the students we met. By participating in job fairs like Codefair, we aim to bridge the gap between academia and the tech industry, providing students with valuable opportunities to kickstart their careers.

    We extend our heartfelt thanks to Codefair for organizing such a fantastic event and to all of you who participated. We look forward to building on these connections and welcoming new faces into our vibrant community. 

    ​​In the meantime, we encourage you to take the first step into the IT world by visiting our Career page where you can find different internship programs waiting for you!

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