Seven Most Valuable Professionals in 2019

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    Around this time last year when we wrote the blog post about one of “Vega IT values you” programmes named MVP, we wrapped it up with the sentence - “Let’s learn something new every single day.” Amazingly, our 7 colleagues accepted that idea.

    Hats off to Nikola, Kim, Slađana, Milan, Nenad, Ivana, and Nikola, who have been awarded the title of the Most Valuable Professionals in 2019.

    Thanks to their hard work and the free time they invested in educating themselves and the others our 7 colleagues got grants from the company.


    Nenad, Nikola, Milan, Nikola, Kim, Ivana, and Slađana

    How Did Everything Start?

    At Vega IT, colleagues have always been supported in their efforts to improve their skills and suggest ideas that would teach us something more and help us be better at a personal and professional level.

    Over time, the number of those suggestions has increased leading to the growth of company culture. So, the idea to start MVP programme initiated by our alumni Nemanja Maločić was accepted. That was five years ago. However, at that time Vega IT didn’t have so many individuals who would earn more than 25 MVP points.

    Today, the number of MVP winners is seven times bigger and we know it will grow even more. This proves that Vega IT is the place where learning continues.

    How Did MVP Program Develop?

    Actually, we can say that some of our colleagues went an extra mile from the original concept of this program by organising workshops and sharing knowledge with their colleagues.

    That’s the beauty of working in a company with a flat structure - colleagues are there to build up the culture, recreate it and make it better. It’s a never-ending process.


    MVP winners for 2019

    Would You Like to Get an MVP Award?

    For reading technical literature and writing an article on that specific topic that would be published on our website: 6
    For writing a technical article that would be published on our website: 4
    For writing a non-technical article that would be published on our website: 1
    For holding a lecture at the conference: 10
    For holding a lecture at Meetup: 6
    For holding lectures at colleges and schools where the company is promoted: 5
    For internal lecture (points are assigned only if the lecture was visited by, at least 10 people, regardless of the duration of the lecture): 4
    For writing a "coding tip": 3
    For writing a "coding tip" and a blog post: 5


    MVP fun

    How Did Colleagues Earn Their Points Last Year?

    We would like to remind you which events brought points to our 7 MVPs:

    - Geekstone: Heroes Talks
    - Star Conference, no.3
    - VE:conf
    - Front-End Day 2019

    We can’t wait for the next MVP nomination. We truly hope that all of the MVP awards, and there are 10 of them, will go to Vega IT’s most diligent colleagues.

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