What is Our Praise Your Colleague Programme All About?

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    How did you feel when someone you work with praised you or when you made someone’s day by giving recognition to them for a job well done?

    This generates positive energy in us making us feel happy, honoured and respected. It makes our day.


    Over the years, we have noticed that praising your colleagues benefits both sides.

    We’ll present you some of the programmes which we have come up with in order to nurture that culture and feel free to praise our colleagues in a nice and creative way.

    Heartcount Poll

    Heartcount survey which our colleagues receive on Friday is an ideal way for you to show gratitude to the colleagues which made you feel even better at work that week.

    I believe that having an opportunity to read about other colleagues’ good deeds means a lot to everyone in the company. This lets our colleagues learn more about the people they work with.

    Also, this survey can motivate our colleagues to do great deeds themselves.

    Vega IT Totems

    Each of us has a chance to take one of the Vega IT’s totems and put it on a colleague’s desk as a sign of gratitude for some good thing they have done.

    In this way we show respect and gratitude to the other colleague. Also, this lets other people in the office notice the totem on their desk and, if they show interest, they can ask that colleague about the good deed he or she has done.

    By giving a totem to our colleague, we make sure to clearly show them why they have earned it. Also, they can keep the totem on their desk for the following 24 hours and then bring it back so that some other colleague would have a chance to give it to some other colleague.

    Praise Your Colleague Cards

    Since we have all been struck with the crisis recently where we are no longer in a position to physically share the office space with our colleagues, we came up with an idea to create a digital version of cards which we will use instead of totems.

    Cards like:

    • You are awesome because…
    • You make me happy when…
    • Thank you for...

    were just one of the ways to make one’s day and to show them that even though we are not close to them we still appreciate every good deed they do and that the kind words are enough to maintain closeness.

    Photo Praise Week

    All we had to do was to write words of praise on a piece of paper that we wanted to share with everyone and then go to the marketing team department so that they would take a picture of us showing those notes.

    We could do this alone or with some of our colleagues.

    Our ultimate goal is to show our colleagues how much they have helped us in some work or on a personal level.

    We had a chance to see all of the praises our colleagues shared with us on TVs during the entire “Praise your colleague” week.

    Vega IT Recognition

    Another way to witness the good deeds our colleagues do is Vega IT Recognition community.

    Besides being praised by the clients, it happens quite often that some of our colleagues show gratitude to the entire team for the job well-done, the effort they have made and all the problems they have managed to solve.

    On top of this, we are witnesses of all other random acts of kindness (some sweet surprises like a cup of coffee in the morning or some other things for our colleagues when they are having a bad day) our colleagues do to show others that they are respected and that they always have someone to rely on.

    The colleague of the Month

    Each month we have a chance to nominate one or more colleagues for our programme 'The colleague of the month’.

    At the end of the month, we send the survey to other people so that they could vote for the good deeds done by our nominated colleagues.

    At the beginning of the next month, we announce which colleague deserved the title of the Colleague of the month.

    Good deeds and good people should be praised. So, don’t be lazy to say a nice word or find a more creative way to show somebody that you truly appreciate all the things he or she has done for you and your environment.

    Motivation itself can have a great impact on someone’s work and improvement.

    Do you have any ideas or advice on how we could praise other people’s good deeds? Feel free to share that with us.

    "Praise, like sunlight, helps all things to grow." -Croft M. Pentz

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