Vega IT is one of the TOP 10 IT employers in Serbia for 2023

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    Proud. Grateful. Motivated to be better and go further. 

    That's how we felt when a few weeks ago, our company was recognized as one of the top 10 most desirable IT employers in Serbia for 2023. 

    HelloWorld Research: Community Feedback in Creating Industry Leaderboards

    During April,, the leading site for recruiting IT candidates, conducted its annual survey in which 2,763 IT experts from all over Serbia participated.

    The research was carried out using the Talent X methodology, which identifies six key attributes of attractiveness that shape a company's public image and appeal to its employees. These attributes include:

    1. Work experience within the company
    2. Company culture
    3. Leadership behavior
    4. Job characteristics
    5. Opportunities for career development 
    6. Remuneration

    The aftermath of the research?

    Our company is named one of the 10 industry leaders in providing an extremely positive experience for employees and settings high standards among IT employers.

    Since the very beginning of the company, our goal was to create a happy and successful business whose success we will use to make the community a better place for our colleagues and their families to live. We stayed true to that, and when our colleagues and others recognize it, it can only be a wind at our backs to continue on this path.

    Maja Nedučić, Partner and Chief People Experience and Support Officer

    Pushing the boundaries, going somewhere new

    This year we are celebrating 15 years of being on the market. But it's more than just a milestone. It's 15 years of:

    • Creating and nurturing a strong company culture,
    • Building a team of 750+ colleagues,
    • Providing opportunities for personal and professional growth for each of them and much more. 

    We are grateful for the opportunity to get this kind of feedback from the IT community. It serves as an incentive for us to achieve more in the future and keep on improving.

    Being able to hear the feedback from the community is always very meaningful. It shows us if we are communicating our values and the messages we want to send through employee branding activities, in the right way. When you get this type of recognition, it acts as an incentive and motivation to continue nurturing good internal and external communication.

    Bojana Savanović, Marketing Manager

    Feedback is the backbone of growth and success, which is why this research is so important for us in order to feel the pulse of the IT community. As a company, we are always striving to be better at what we do, so we extend a big thank you to all the participants for their honest answers and insights into their perspective.

    We embrace both the good and not so good aspects, which is why we will use this feedback to work on becoming an even better version of Vega IT!

    Anđela Arsić Marketing Manager

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