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Code For A Cause Is Recognized As One Of The Most Impactful CSR Campaigns In Serbia BLOG NEWS

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    It's been five years of organizing the first Code for a Cause campaign. Along the way, more than 500 engineers, designers, and contributors have been a part of the project. 40+ software solutions were created and donated to non-profit organizations across Serbia.

    And this is only if we are talking numbers.

    Software solutions created during all those years of organizing the Code for a Cause campaign helped thousands of people overcome the challenges their communities face. And it doesn't go unnoticed.

    Code for a Cause 5 received the Virtus Award and Đorđe Weifert National Award for Socially Responsible Business

    A few months ago, we announced that our Code for a Cause 4 campaign was awarded one of the best CSR campaigns in Serbia in 2022 by the association Yellow Pants. Now, we are super excited to share with you that our campaign Code for a Cause 5 is also recognized as a project of great significance for our community. Two times.

    In March this year, we were honored to receive the award for corporate philanthropy at the 16th Virtus award ceremony.

    Not much later, the value of Code for a Cause 5 was again recognized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia. We were among the five companies that won the Đorđe Weifert National Award for Socially Responsible Business. This is the second time our campaign Code for a Cause has received this award and one of the campaign coordinators, Uroš Gostović, didn't hide the excitement about it:

    “I'm not going to lie, Code For a Cause is one of my favorite CSR campaigns we are doing at Vega IT. The fact that others started to recognize the significance of Code For a Cause for the community is amazing and I feel a great sense of pride that I had a chance to be part of it. Over the years, software solutions we have together with different companies, design agencies, non-profit organizations, and individuals impacted thousands of citizens in our country in a positive way and all of these awards go out to them. My hope for the future is that we will continue to expand our reach and motivate others to give their contribution to the community.” 

    Code For A Cause Is Recognized As One Of The Most Impactful CSR Campaigns In Serbia BLOG DETAIL

    Serbian Sign Language App: The Special Award for the Best Socially Responsible Application

    During the Code for a Cause 4, our team collaborated with Unicef and Elder Creative Agency in creating the first Serbian Sign Language app for kids and beginners. The app was donated to the Belgrade Deaf Organization and launched on the anniversary of the adoption of Serbian Sign Language as the mother tongue of the deaf.

    We are proud that the community recognized the importance of the Serbian Sign Language app, and as app co-creators, we are honored to receive a national award called The Special Award for the Best Socially Responsible Application.

    “We're glad that the importance of the Serbian Sign Language App is recognized in the community. The Law on the Use of Sign Language was adopted in 2015, but Serbian Sign Language is still not taught in schools. So, one of the main challenges in learning the Serbian Sign language for children and beginners is the lack of learning sources. That's why this app could make a significant difference and we believe it will help all of us to break the communication barriers.

    The influences that the Code for a Cause project has on our community inspire us to keep up with this campaign for years. In October we will hold the sixth Code for a Cause hackathon event and we're looking forward to seeing the impact of 6 new projects that will be developed.

    Although we started the Code for a Cause campaign, those awards go to our colleagues, non-profit organizations, companies, and individuals who gave their all to make this world a better place.“ - says Bojana Savanović, Marketing Manager and coordinator of the Code for a Cause 6 campaign.

    To wrap it up

    It's such a privilege to be recognized and stand side by side with such amazing companies and individuals. We strongly believe that praising good deeds and initiatives makes more of them.

    So today we are praising all the Associations and Foundations that are celebrating those making changes. Companies and individuals who are dedicated to making the world a better place. And most of all, we are praising ideas. Because it all starts with one.

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