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What is Code for a Cause?

Do you believe that anyone can be a change-maker in their community? Every action, no matter how big or small can create a ripple effect and transform you and those around you. Although the digital era has brought so many advances to modern-day living, there are still so many issues we have to struggle with almost every day. We believe it is our duty to contribute to the well-being of the community that surrounds us.

We know that all great things take time and resources, but through individual and organisational activities we can reach the most positive outcomes, which is what Code For a Cause is all about. Our goal is to make the projects open-source and give back to the community worldwide! We wish to donate the projects either to the organisation that suggested the idea or to the institution/organization that has jurisdiction over that idea.

If you are an organisation with a vision and idea how to make this world a better place, feel free to submit your idea and make an impact!

Code For a Cause 6

We're excited to announce the launch of our 6th Code For a Cause campaign! This year, 6 non-profit organizations will get a chance to join our Hackhaton and make a positive impact in the community.

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Code For a Cause 5

Let's look back on the last 7 months of our #CodeForACause campaign and find out what we managed to achieve during it. Find out the results in our new blog! :)

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Code for a Cause 4

Hello, world! What a weekend is behind us! Five months after announcing the return of our CSR campaign Code for a Cause, the final event took place at 6 locations, in 2 countries!

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Code For a Cause 3

In the 48 incredible hours, we have had a chance to see IT enthusiasts who worked on 11 projects, challenged themselves, and let their problem-solving juices flow for a good cause. 

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Code for a cause 2

For 48 hours, we had a chance to witness the incredible fusion of energy, creativity, determination and perseverance. All the participants truly embeded themselves in the event, gained immense experience, exchanged a number of ideas and learned a lot!

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Code for a Cause

We gathered developers from Novi Sad for two days of non-stop programming in order to realize 5 open-source projects as a solution to everyday problems we face in our city.

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