Preparing Today's Generations for the Future: the Scholarship Programme at “Tvrdjava” High School

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    Since founding Vega IT back in 2008, Saša and Vladan have always promoted the importance of quality education. Today, after almost 15 years, this has not changed, and Vega IT continues to fully support the improvement of the quality of our education system.

    Besides having a chance to work closely with higher education institutions in Serbia on a daily basis, back in 2015, we had a chance to participate in founding a private elementary school “Tvrđava.” This year, we supported the founding of a private high school “Tvrđava.”

    Our main goal was to build a place where the future generations could learn, grow and prepare for the jobs of the future and life in general. :)


    "Tvrđava" high school is preparing young minds for the jobs of the future

    Get to Know “Tvrđava” High School!

    We may not know what the future holds for us, but we can always start preparing for it. At “Tvrđava” high school, the main focus is to prepare young minds for the jobs of the future by allowing them to explore their creativity in a stimulating environment.

    By combining different approaches in education for each student individually, their goal is to respond to the needs of the new generations. By using interactive and interdisciplinary learning, they allow their students to develop critical thinking skills, curiosity, and entrepreneurial skills.

    All of the classes are equipped with the latest technology in education, and they incorporate gamification as a way of making learning more interactive and fun.

    Why is it so important to continue investing in quality education? We talked to our CEO and Co-founder, Saša Popović, to learn more about the significance of this new investment:

    "I'm very pleased that, seven years ago, I had the opportunity to participate in founding "Tvrđava" elementary school, and I'm glad that we've been able to continue in the same direction this year, and open the high school as well. Our primary goal has never been making money, but the desire to help in founding schools in our town, which will prepare our children, in a better way, for the jobs of the future, and life in general."


    Become part of "Tvrđava" high school!

    Apply For a Scholarship at “Tvrđava” High School!

    We are happy to announce that, in order to help prepare the future generations for the 21st century, together with “Tvrđava” high school, we will be donating two scholarships for the students who want to join the IT programme at school. These two scholarships will cover all of the costs for the next four years of their education at “Tvrđava” high school.

    We believe that the best students deserve the opportunity to achieve their full potential. If your child is currently finishing elementary school, and has achieved great results from 6th to 8th grade, apply for a scholarship by filling out the form on this link.

    The deadline for sending your application is August 15, 2021, and the results will be published on “Tvrđava” high school Facebook and Instagram page.

    Don’t miss out this unique opportunity to give your child a chance to have a tailor-made education, and develop skills for the future. Good luck to everyone!

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