International Day of Women and Girls in Science: Making the Impact

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    Today, on February 11th, we celebrate a very important day - International day of women and girls in science.

    Women have played an important role in science and technology for a long time and we are delighted to say that currently we have 79 female colleagues in various roles.

    We are very proud of young girls and women who are great representatives of the world of computer sciences.

    Let’s meet a few female colleagues from our company to find out more about their transformation from young girls to women in science that they are today:

    Zorana Deurić, Software Developer:

    As a kid I was very versatile. I liked both natural and social sciences, and in my free time, I used to be so much into basketball, dance, books, acting and poetry - I didn’t know which one I liked more at the time. As I didn’t want to choose, I used to do activities that interested me when I was not going to school. This is why I usually changed the answer to the question “What will you be when you grow up?”. I had a variety of ideas, from writing poems for kids, to becoming a famous sportsperson, journalist, architect or an economist, who, naturally, will become a director of a big company one day. :)

    Things are a bit different today. I decided to choose natural sciences, because my love for logical thinking and solving issues seems to be the strongest one. I work as a software developer and I enjoy doing my job. You can express creativity in programming as well because you meet challenges daily, you learn and improve. You work in teams and look forward to small and big victories. This is definitely not a boring profession. But the most important thing is to invest in your knowledge and skills, as there are no limits, really.


    Zorana Deuric, software developer at Vega IT

    Olja Miljatović, Software Developer

    As a little girl, one of my biggest desires was to become a teacher. However, I have been into computers ever since I was little.

    I am a software developer today and a teaching assistant at the faculty of Technical Sciences. My wishes to become a “teacher” and a programmer who will improve the knowledge and then pass it on to my students came true. Also, I am currently doing my PhD thesis.


    Olja Miljatovic, software developer at Vega IT

    Dajana Miljanović, Digital Project Manager

    There aren’t many kids out there whose answer to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” would be a “digital project manager”, so this is my short story of how I got here. :)

    When we were kids we dreamt of becoming princesses, astronauts, or famous personalities, and our opinions kept changing as we grew up. Although my dreams and wishes were also changing as the years passed by, my first love was modern dancing so I started dreaming of becoming a ballerina one day. I had a huge support from my parents, who helped me broaden my horizons and see myself in the role of a model, actress, gymnast, journalist. However, I never thought I would become a software developer and later on a digital project manager.

    So I acquired my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and started my journey to the world of IT. For me, being a software developer is more than just programming - it’s a chance to leverage technology to help other people and influence their lives through web applications that can help them with day-to-day tasks.

    After two years of working as a software developer, I got the opportunity to try myself in the role of, you guessed it right, digital project manager (DPM). In a nutshell, my job as a DPM is to lead a digital project and a team involved in it, to ensure that the client’s requests, budget, and timing are met throughout the project. While my key task is to make sure that the project is delivered on time, the role requires me to be more of a leader than a manager. For the team that works on the project to deliver the best work, they need to be happy and have all of the necessary resources provided by the digital project manager.


    Dajana Miljanovic, Digital Project Manager at Vega IT

    Dear colleagues, thank you for sharing your amazing stories with us and continue to be amazing!

    We are very proud that you are a part of our company! :)

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