21 Day Shape Up Challenge

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    "Fit is not a destination; it's a way of life."

    Getting back on track after the holidays requires a great deal of effort. February seems like the perfect month for detox and moment to press our metaphorical reset button.

    We call it FitLife month, as for us it is time to give our bodies a chance to clear out the waste, stress and toxins that we built up throughout the past period.

    From 1st of February we started a program called 21 Day Shape Up Challenge. It is a quick way of resetting your body to healthier eating patterns. That is something we all want, right? The process where you teach yourself how to gain control over your sweet tooth, unhealthy eating and good workout habits.


    In the 1950s, Maxwell Maltz came to realize that the adjustment period to changes and new behaviors amounts to approximately 21 days. New behavior becomes a part of our daily routine by completing tasks for 21 days in a row.

    This is not a program that is made to be easy, and that is the beauty of it. While engaging yourself in this challenge, you can lose weight and fat, become healthier and teach your body to desire what it needs.

    We can call this a competition although it is not covered by the conventional definitions of that word, but rather the one where you will be rewarded only by winning against yourself.

    We have made the first step by using our weight machine after which we set our individual goals we strive to accomplish after 21 days.

    Surely, there are going to be hard times in the process of adjusting our bodies to a new routine, but together we will make sure we support each other, because it is much more fun when you do it with your colleagues.

    We would be thrilled to see the domino effect of our program. Feel free to join us and share your experience gained along the way. :)

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