21 Day Challenge 2019: The Results

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    Do you ever find yourself procrastinating? Have you ever made a last-minute decision and skipped your favourite physical activity? Have you ever reached for junk food while being aware that it’s not healthy for you? You’re not alone, we all do these things. Even though we know we can be better, sometimes we consciously repeat actions which lead to the forming of bad or unhealthy habits.

    "You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine." - John C. Maxwell

    Regardless of whether you can justify your choices or not, you need to know that you can always change the course of your habits and write the new chapters in your daily routines.

    What’s the Concept of the 21-Day Challenge?

    Two years ago, we decided that February will be the month when we try to improve our physical condition. Last year we changed the concept fo our 21 Day Challenge - instead of focusing on shaping-up, our colleagues could choose any segment of their lives they felt they need to improve. This encouraged more colleagues to take part in the challenge, jump onboard and kickstart the positive changes.


    After 21 days, we congratulated our colleagues who were driven by their dedication and perseverance and successfully achieved their initial goals.

    How does it work in practice? Before the 1st of February, we invite our colleagues to join us and decide on what their goal would be during the challenge. Then, we ask them to break the final goal into easily achievable milestones and to track their progress.

    The Results

    During this year’s challenge, our colleagues wanted to complete their Master’s thesis, go to the gym more often, improve foreign language skills, write 21k words in 21 days, stop eating sweets, lose weight, improve muscle tone percentage, wake up earlier than usual, etc.

    We motivated each other to stay focused on the final goal and eliminate any potential setbacks. One colleague even cleared her entire office and got rid off all sweets, only to make sure that people from her team will stick to their decision to stop eating chocolate in those first days. :)

    After 21 days, we congratulated 17 colleagues for their perseverance and dedication to successfully achieving their initial goals.

    What Have We Learned after These Three Weeks?

    This self-realisation journey has led us to change our habits as well as recognise and deal with our personal stumbling stones. Once you make the decision that you want to improve the quality of your life, the challenge becomes more simple. Here are a few steps you need to take before starting this journey:

    • Identify patterns of behaviour (habits) you want to change
    • Think about what you want to achieve
    • Change your habit and find an activity that will replace it
    • Find out what your triggers are
    • Visualise yourself changing
    • Take one step at a time

    So, what’s stopping you from being the best version of yourself? Commit to achieving your goals!

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