Green IT 02 - Phase 2: Vote for a Kindergarten

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    We are ready to move on to the next GreenIT 02 phase! More than 200 parents, eco-enthusiasts, neighbours, teachers, and people who work at local kindergartens suggested which yards should be greener.

    Now when we know where we need to bring shovels, dig holes and plant young trees, we are glad that we can move forward. Next week all eyes will be on your votes.

    How Can You Vote?

    The voting will start on Monday, March the 9th, on our Facebook page, and it will finish on Friday, March the 13th at noon.

    We follow the same rules we followed during Code for a Cause project. Everything counts! Give your vote by liking, commenting and sharing a kindergarten’s photo. One photo represents one kindergarten on the territory of Novi Sad.


    GreenIT 02 - Vote for a Kindergarten

    What Kindergartens Are on the GreenIT 02 List?

    We are so thrilled to announce that there are 27 kindergartens that citizens of Novi Sad suggested. Those are:

    1. “Bambi” at Salajka
    2. “Čigra” in Petrovaradin
    3. “Čuperak” at Rotkvarija
    4. “Cvrčak” in Petrovaradin
    5. “Zlatna ribica” at Sajmište
    6. “Cvrčak i mrav” at Detelinara
    7. “Dunavski cvet” at Telep
    8. “Kalimero” at Liman 2
    9. “Kolibri” at Banatić
    10. “Maslačak” at Liman 3
    11. “Novosađanče” at Liman 4
    12. “Pužić” at Telep
    13. “Različak” at Liman 3
    14. “Sunce” at Banatić
    15. “Suncokret” at Grbavica
    16. “Švrća” at Telep
    17. “Vendi” at Novo naselje
    18. “Veseli vozić” at Avijatičarsko naselje
    19. “Veseljko” at Grbavica
    20. “Veverica” at Podbara
    21. “Vidovdanski zvončić” at Klisa
    22. “Vilenjak” at the Old town
    23. “Zlatna greda” in the center
    24. “Veseli vrtić” at Liman 1
    25. “Guliver” at Novo naselje
    26. “Svitac” at Bistrica
    27. "Milan Petrović" at Grbavica

    Can you vote for more than one? Sure you can!

    When Can You Expect the Results?

    On Thursday, March the 17th we are going to announce which kindergartens will be GreenIT 02 locations. You will find that information on Vega IT website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles.

    Soon after that, the third phase will start. This means that all of the companies, which are eager to help and plant trees, are welcome to apply and donate their resources to help the planting of saplings.

    Let’s be eco-savvy and join forces to provide a healthier environment for our children.

    * After the voting, the institution “Radosno detinjstvo”, which is in charge of public kindergartens in Novi Sad, is going to confirm which kindergarten will be covered with trees.

    ** Vega IT claims rights to include an additional kindergarten whose surrounding area is not green enough.

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