Code For a Cause 5: United for the Community!

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    Do you believe that anyone can be a change-maker in their community? Every action, no matter how big or small can create a ripple effect and transform you and those around you.

    To support ideas that can have a positive impact on our local community, a few years ago, we launched a campaign “Code For a Cause”. Our goal was to find out more about the challenges our fellow citizens were facing. Once we had learned what can be improved in our community, we could get down to work and develop custom software solutions to address specific problems.

    Over the years, hundreds of developers have volunteered on more than 30 projects during our campaigns. This year, we are uniting once again to help non-profit organisations across the country improve their local communities and we want to hear your ideas and thoughts.

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    If you want to give your contribution, we invite you to learn more about the phases of our campaign:

    Phase 1: Share Your Ideas With Us!

    Do you have an idea that can change your community for the better?

    Great! We want to hear all about it! Hurry up and SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION HERE until the 21st of June. Get involved and take the first step towards making your idea a reality!

    Note: You can submit multiple ideas.

    Phase 2: Public Voting

    All of the submissions we receive during the first phase will be reviewed by our colleagues to determine the scope of the project and decide which ideas can be developed during the 48-hour-long hackathon in October.

    After the analysis, all ideas that pass this initial phase will be presented to the citizens on THIS PAGE from June 28th until July 1st. They will have the chance to vote for the ideas that, in their opinion, will have the biggest impact on the community. Based on these votes, we will create a list of project priorities.

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    Phase 3: Open Call For IT Companies

    After you help us determine project priorities, from the 15th of July until the 16th of September, we will invite the IT community to join our campaign. The number of projects we will work on during our Hackathon in October will depend on the number of developers who will volunteer their time to create custom software solutions.

    We will invite you to join us and we will try to match your tech stack with the projects’ requirements.

    Phase 4: Open Call For Designers

    During this phase, we will invite designers to volunteer by supporting these ideas with amazing and functional designs. If you want to join us, you will have a chance to apply from the 21st of July until 16th of September.

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    Phase 5: Hackathon!

    For most participants, Hackathon is the most exciting part of our campaign, because this is the moment when all of the hard work pays off. From Friday(the 14th of October) until Sunday(the 16th of October) participants will join their strengths to turn project ideas into reality and make an impact.

    48 hours of positive energy, fun and above all teamwork! Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

    Disclaimer: Vega IT reserves the right to include an additional project not included in the priority list after voting either to choose to develop a specific project from the priority list if we believe that some ideas will have a positive impact on society. All the ideas, as well as software, will remain the property of the initiators of the ideas and will be given to the public to use it. Vega IT is also obliged to finish all the projects that were initiated at the hackathon and give the source code to the idea initiators.

    We are super excited to start this campaign, to hear more about your ideas and see how we can contribute to the improvement of the community. We hope you will join us because together we can achieve so much more!

    Follow us and stay tuned for more updates. :)

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