Code for a Cause 3: Are You Ready To Make a Change?

Tijana Popov Categories: Corporate Social Responsibility Date 31-May-2019 4 minutes to read

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    Have you ever walked the streets of your city and noticed the things that can be improved? Have you ever spent hours waiting in a long line when it occurred to you that a simple app could save your time for something that you really want to do?

    Three years ago, we started thinking about the problems in our local community. That’s when we asked ourselves: “What if we ask the citizens of Novi Sad what problems they are facing and what software solutions could come to the rescue?”

    After the success of the first Code For a Cause campaign, we were enthusiastic about repeating this socially responsible campaign last year once again. Now, we are ready to hear your ideas!


    What problems are you facing and what software solutions could come to the rescue?

    We believe that each of us can make a contribution to our local community. For this reason, we divided Code For a Cause campaign into five phases:

    Phase #1: 01.06 - 12.07 Submit Your Idea

    Do you have an idea that will improve our local community? We invite you to contribute to the welfare of the society you are part of and submit your idea here.

    You have more ideas on your mind? That’s great! We will consider your ideas, as long as they are non-profit. Let’s work together and make a change in the city we live in.

    Phase #2: 22.07. - 26.07. Public Voting

    After analysing all the ideas with our developers, we will select those ideas which can be realised during the final event - A Code For a Cause Hackathon which lasts 48 hours.

    We invite you and all our citizens to vote on our Social Media for the ideas they see will have the biggest impact in our local community. Feel free to tell ask your friends for the opinion as well. ;-)

    Phase #3: 02.08. - 15.08. Open Call for Designers

    During this phase, we will invite all creative people with designer background to help us shape initiators’ ideas into a reality and support it with functional design.

    Phase #4: 12.08. - 10.09. Open Call for Developers

    The final phase depends on good people and their will to use their skills and create apps for the ideas that the public chose. This is when we’ll invite you to send us your details and try to match your technology stack with projects’ needs.

    Phase #5: 04.10. - 06.10. Hackathon Code for a Cause 3

    Last, but not least! This is the most exciting phase of the entire campaign. We will meet at our headquarters on Friday and start working on realising all these ideas until Sunday. Exchanging positive energy and coding with like-minded enthusiasts for 48 hours is a good enough reason to be a part of this amazing event. And, remember, great fun is guaranteed!

    Vega IT reserves the right to include an additional project after voting if we believe that some ideas will have a positive impact on society. All the ideas, as well as software, will remain the property of the initiators of the ideas and will be given to the public to use it. Vega IT is also obliged to finish all the projects that were initiated at the hackathon and give the source code to the idea initiators.

    Take a moment and think about the projects that would benefit our community and future generations as well. :-)

    Be the change you wish to see in the world!

    Mahatma Gandhi
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