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    We are about to embark on another great adventure and we hope you will be a part of it! Brace yourself for Code for a Cause 2!

    We invite you to submit a project idea!

    For those of you who didn't take part in it last year, here is a short update:

    Code for a cause is a campaign aimed at IT experts willing to spend two days programming non-stop with the ultimate goal to create an open-source project as a solution to the everyday problems we face.

    Last year's Code for a Cause was an amazing success: It lasted for 48 hours, involved 36 developers who worked on 5 projects with a single cause - to make Novi Sad a better place for everyone.

    This year we are planning to go even bigger and be better! This year we are moving the boundaries! Unlike the previous year when our efforts were focused on delivering the projects that will bring a lot of benefits to Novi Sad and improve the everyday life of our local community, this year we are going global!


    Code for a cause is a campaign aimed at IT experts willing to spend two days programming non-stop with the ultimate goal to create an open-source project as a solution to the everyday problems we face.

    Although the digital era has brought so many advances to the modern day living, there are still so many issues we have to struggle with almost every day. From queueing up in public institutions and testing medications on human candidates to bad resource management in cities and inefficient and badly organized transport system, there are so many issues worldwide. Not to mention lousy learning systems in third world countries and bad effect of homelessness on society's well-being. But these are just a few of them.

    Although we are well aware that in order to solve some large-scale issues we need much time and resources, we know we can still identify areas with the ability to affect most change. Through individual and organizational activities we can reach the most positive outcomes.

    We believe it is our duty to contribute to the well-being of the community that surrounds us. That's why we would like to invite you to use your knowledge and creative skills to join us on this journey.

    Here it goes!

    Who can submit a project idea?

    No matter whether you are a person or an organization with vision if you have and idea how to make this world a better place, feel free to apply!

    What kind of idea?

    You think that the public transport in your city needs improvement? You would like to create an app that will improve the educational system in the area where you live or build a website for a NGO? Any idea that will help us build solutions that will enable us to improve the world we live is a good idea!

    Who are the projects aimed at?

    Our goal is to make the projects open-source and give back to the community worldwide! We wish to donate the projects either to the organization that suggested the idea or to the institution/ organization who has jurisdiction over that idea.

    Phase #1: 1.06 -15.07.

    We invite you to submit a project idea! Once all the project ideas are submitted, we will evaluate each idea and estimate its feasibility and whether it is possible to develop it in 48 hours-time.

    Phase #2: 16.7 - 23.7.

    We will organize a public voting for selected projects and we will announce the winning projects.

    Phase #3: 01.08. - 1.09

    If you are a designer or a programmer and ready to join this ride, feel free to apply, dedicate yourself and give your small contribution to the cause! Together we can make miracles come alive!

    Phase #4: 7.09 - 9.09.

    Gear up and get ready for Hackathon Code for a Cause! Let's create amazing best-value products that everyone can benefit from and make the lives of future generations easier!

    Whatever project idea is on the top of your mind, apply for the cause! And, keep in mind that all the final products will be given to the NGOs and citizens to use it.

    Let's join our forces together and commit our support to the world we live in! At the end of the day, that's the only place we have to live in!

    Let’s make a change!

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