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How we future-proofed a healthcare mapping app by Akros

Akros is a public health organization that works on improving the delivery of health interventions – like vaccine rollouts and malaria prevention programs – across southern and western Africa. We worked on Reveal, an open-source mapping app that helps field teams to record and analyze health data in any community, no matter how remote.

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Building a new website for the Bank of Cyprus

Our client needed a website to present their services, offers and new updates to their customers, so we suggested using the EPiServer content management system. The new and easily-managed website reflects a company’s new visual identity. During the development process, together with the client, we decided to implement additional pages and features to the website.

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How we built and released an eLearning mobile app in just a few months

Ensuring a timely app release. Gaining and retaining users in a highly competitive market. As a technical partner, we built and launched a winning eLearning app in just a few months. Our mission? Helping the client attract new investors, as well as build and retain a growing user base.

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We developed a mobile app for a global retail shop

Our client provided us with already developed UI design and our responsibility was to develop a mobile app with all the listed features. Our goal was to increase the number of customers with an easy-to-use mobile app.

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Building Heartcount – an employee engagement platform with a response rate of over 60%

Heartcount is an AI-powered tool for tracking results and relationships (personal fulfilment, progress, relationships with colleagues and managers) that impact happiness at work.

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How we developed a next-level cybersecurity tool

The development of a web extension for Chrome, Edge and Firefox and the development of the metrics that would help our client evaluate the users’ activity. The extension would track and trace what users do on the internet and it would check if all the components are updated and if everything functions well.

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How we helped Analysys Mason to create a website and ‘Knowledge Centre’ for thousands of users

With Analysys Mason, we co-created a stable system that is used by tens of thousands of users each year.

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Using Salesforce to help an IT recruitment team create reports in less than a minute

An IT company contacted us to help them develop an app that would streamline their recruitment processes. We used Salesforce to develop a software solution that lets them migrate data without losing it, keep candidate information transparent, and create reports in less than a minute.

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How we helped Aprimo reduce search time from several minutes to tens of milliseconds

We introduced ElasticSearch into the system, which reduced search execution dramatically (for some search expressions from a couple of minutes to tens of milliseconds).The new version of Aprimo Smart Content Hub supports heavier operations executed in the everyday environment, it allows fast execution of very complex search expressions and it’s fully extensible and customizable.

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