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We operate in an industry in which changes occur quite rapidly. It is very likely that, in just a few years’ time, we will work with programming languages and devices that do not exist today. Various frameworks and libraries appear every month, and we have to follow them in order to remain competitive in the market. This applies to our company, but also to each of us individually. For the same reasons, we want to keep improving our services day by day, and doing so requires that we work on ourselves.

Our company organizes different lectures and trainings, funds programs such as “Vega IT MVPs”, provides books and resources for learning in digital form, provides support to those who attend professional meetings, conferences and the like.

The Winner of Vega IT’s MVP Award for the 2021: Kosta Kuprešak

We are thrilled to announce that Vega IT’s MVP for 2022 is Kosta Kuprešak! Check out our new blog and find out more. :)

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Kostamvp 2021

Code Crafting Week - We Have a Winner!

Almost 100 contestants participated in our first students' Code Crafting Week competition! During one week, the participants had the opportunity to test their knowledge and skills, but also have fun along the way.

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Ask the Experts 2021 Event: Retrospective

During our online event "Ask the Experts", participants had the chance to meet up with professionals from our company and ask them everything related to the field of their expertise. Check out our blog to find out more.

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Working Shoulder to Shoulder with Our CTO

Have you ever wanted to have a sneak peek into a typical working day of a CTO? Our Chief Technology Officer, Boban Mikšin, is always ready to help our colleagues, and coaching plays a big part of his daily routine.

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Working Shoulder To Shoulder With Our Cto News

Coding Standards Workshops: Impressions and Thoughts

In order to further expand their knowledge through practical experience, last weekend, 20 of our colleagues participated in Zoran's hands-on workshop on Coding Standards, where they worked on examples they can encounter on real-life projects. Find out more in our blog.

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Coding Month at Vega IT: Coding Dojo

One of the most popular coding events at our company is Coding Dojo led by our CTO Boban Mikšin. We asked some of the participants Jovan, Anica, Lazar and Luka to share their impressions of this workshop. Check out what they’ve told us in our blog. :)

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We Are the IT City 3: From a Developer to an Intrapreneur

We joined forces with the student organisation We Are the Future of IT and called eleven IT experts to share their career path from a developer to an intrapreneur with the future IT professionals.

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We Are The It City 3 News

Vega IT's MVP in 2020: Miloš Davidović

One of the several programs dedicated to the development path of our colleagues is The Vega IT’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP). This year's our colleague Miloš Davidović worked hard, gaining new skills and our award. Learn more in our blog.

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What It Looks Like to Work with Our CEO

In the IT world, a pair programming is a common thing. But, does the same refer to a pair working with a CEO at an IT company? If our CEO Saša Popović's job was to do only programming, this could have been the case. However, Saša's main focus is the company culture and business growth.

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Ask the Experts 2020 Event: Impressions

Ask the Experts was one of the many knowledge-sharing events we've organised this year. During the event, our colleagues answered questions about different topics regarding the IT industry. Check out our new blog find out what are their impressions about the event. :)

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MVPs in 2019

At Vega IT, colleagues have always been supported in their efforts to improve their skills and suggest ideas that would teach us something more and help us be better at a personal and professional level.

Hats off to Nikola, Kim, Slađana, Milan, Nenad, Ivana, and Nikola, who have been awarded the title of the Most Valuable Professionals in 2019.

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Mvp 2019 News

STAR conference 2019

Our colleagues reflect our values which we keep investing in – paid trips to conferences, seminars and internal trainings, books, internal education, people skills workshops and the like.

During the first week of November, we do our magic and turn our headquarters into a real conference venue! The motto of our STAR conference is always the same: “Colleagues for Colleagues”.

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Star Conference 2019 Magic Of The Stars News

Front-end Day 2019

When a team understands the value of knowledge, it becomes clear why knowledge-sharing events are so important.

Once again, our lovely colleagues took the initiative and organised an internal conference - Front-end Day. On that Saturday, everyone from our company (regardless of their current role) was invited to listen to eight amazing lectures about trending topics in Front-end Development.

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Fe Day

Team Boost Sessions

How can you know that you picked the right company to work in? Just take a look at your teammates and think how well you feel when working with them. Here in Vega IT, we have quite a large FE team and I feel awesome knowing that I'm a part of it.

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People skills workshops

Maja Nedučić, our “Chief People Officer”, organises experiential – educational workshops on various topics, aimed at personal development of all colleagues. These workshops are not compulsory and every colleague has the freedom to choose the workshop he/she wants to attend. They are held after working hours (starting from 17:30) or on Saturday mornings.

Our company also hires external consultants that hold trainings or workshops on different topics whose goals are both personal and professional development of all of us. In this regard, we are currently organizing classes of German and English language in our premises.

People Skills Workshop

Ask the experts

Organizing the "Ask the experts" event for the first time was Vega IT's highlight of the European Code Week, also known as "EU Code Week". On this occasion, we gathered our young professionals in the field of web development, front-end development and testing. The idea was that the participants themselves choose the topics about which they want to hear some more in the abovementioned event, by filling in a questionnaire on social network pages of our company. 

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Ask The Experts

Technical workshops

We organize workshops with experts like Zoran Horvat about the Principles of object-oriented programming. The main focus of this workshop was eliminating null references from our code and shifting our thought process towards using objects instead of a null reference

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Horvat 2

Coding Dojo

Being an employee-oriented company, it is only natural for us to invest in the professional development of our colleagues where part of such development are workshops covering various topics - from new frameworks and language features to general best practices and architectural concepts. Coding Dojo was one of these events. 

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Coding Dodjo


We believe that knowledge is the greatest wealth and we strive to invest in it continuously. The library holds a special place in our company.

The list of books in our library can be found on our portal.

In addition, we can suggest purchasing a book that is not in the library, and we can do so by using our portal.


Internal lectures

Each of us is provided an opportunity to design a lecture within the company, lasting between 45 and 60 minutes. To do so, it is necessary to figure out a title and determine the place and time of holding the lecture together with our CPO - Maja Nedučić.

Internal Lectures

Sharing knowlege is a way to achieve immortality

During our many years of experience in working with clients from the West, we have come to the conclusion that it is not enough to work just on our own development in order for the clients to appreciate us as much as we want. It is also necessary that other companies in our environment be recognized as companies with top quality solutions and services, so that our clients and prospective clients from the West appreciate us to a greater extent. In that case we would be able to charge more for our work, and also help the country we live in to raise the living standards of people outside the IT industry as well. Therefore, we have decided to support (and even to establish some) organizations engaged in promoting education, investing in personal development, sharing of ideas and experiences, promoting entrepreneurship and the like.

The first activities of this kind were performed through .NET User Group which we have been supporting and organizing from the very establishment of our company. This discussion group later evolved into the Geekstone organization which, at the time of writing this, consists of 1048 registered members and has had a dozen of monthly gatherings and one successfully organized conference. The vision we had when we founded the Geekstone organization was: “Serbia in 10 years’ time as a synonym for a country providing top quality IT solutions”. This vision is exactly what we want to achieve through all the activities mentioned above in this chapter. The mission of the Geekstone organization is: “Raising the awareness of developers in Serbia regarding the significance of continuous improvement, exchanging experiences, quality of work on projects by organizing lectures, workshops, trainings and conferences.” and this is what we will work on in the forthcoming period.

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Organizations we support

The participation of our colleagues in a various events

Our colleagues have been involved as speakers at many different conferences and events such as Microsoft conference Sinergija, International Zinc conference, Voxxed Days Belgrade, Tarabica conference and other IT events.

HR Experience Conference

Our employees are our value. We strive towards creating a culture where human relationships thrive leading to better results and happier workplace.

It is in our interest to make sure that every single employee and team is living up to their full potential. We believe that two important factors for achieving this are relationships and results.


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Hr Experience Conference How Do We Walk The Talk Social2

Conference Happiness at work - Copenhagen

We believe that knowledge is the greatest wealth and we strive to invest in it continuously. The library holds a special place in our company.

The list of books in our library can be found on our portal.

In addition, we can suggest purchasing a book that is not in the library, and we can do so by using our portal.

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Sasa Popovic

Microsoft Sinergija

Sinergija is a conference about Microsoft technologies and our colleague and CTO Boban Mikšin has participated as a speaker two times already.


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Microsoft Synergy

Zinc conference

Our colleagues Maja and Maja were involved as two of the speakers at the ZINC event in Novi Sad. They held a workshop about Happiness at work.

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Zinc Conference

Tarabica conference

Tarabica is a one day free technical conference organized by Microsoft Serbia. Our colleague Srdjan Poznic was one of the speakers and he held a lecture about ASP.NET WebAPI i Owin.

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Tarabica Conference

Voxxed days Belgrade 2016

Our colleagues Maja & Maja held a workshop about Happiness at work in the IT world.

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Another organization established within our organization is DaFED which was conceived and organized by our colleague Slađa Miljanović and former colleague Danilo Novaković. They wanted to create the first group that would address designers and people dealing with front-end development, and they managed to do so. The first few gatherings of this group were organized within our company, and later continued to be held outside it as well. We have been sponsoring this organization from the very beginning and will continue to support it in the future.

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Maja Bozic Form

I have joined Vega IT 10 years ago. I have grown into someone who runs the team and helps the company grow. My motivation is to work with people who are better than me, and I am very proud to be a part of such a company where I have an opportunity to learn from someone on a daily basis. If you would like to learn more about Vega IT and how we can help you with your projects feel free to contact me at

Maja Bozic


I will tell you more about our company culture and previous experiences. If you want to meet us, I invite you to visit Vega IT offices.