You don’t like your crappy job?! Then, just quit it!

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    You don’t like your crappy job?! Then, quit it!

    Recently I've been hearing things like:

    “We never do any interesting things at work!”

    “The working atmosphere is really unpleasant!”

    “I'm working long hours without being paid a dine for it.”

    “I want to work on actual products people want to use.”

    Sometimes, despite your aspirations, great expectations and immense effort you invest in your job, you end up on a dead end street. From a low paycheck and lousy working conditions to bad project management and the lack of creativity and innovations, there are numerous reasons why you may feel dissatisfied with your job.


    Do you like your job?

    Then the period of procrastination begins. First, you start thinking about your job and about the idea of quitting it and moving forward. But, there are things that are holding you back. You are thinking: Ok, maybe the working conditions are crappy, but the salary is great! Or, “Ok, the salary is crappy but the people are awesome! Or, “the people and salary are great, but I don't get to learn anything new.” So, you end up feeling stuck.

    Then one Monday morning, you firmly decide - today, I am definitely going to quit my job. But, still, there is this feeling of perplexity and doubt lingering in the air that keeps you trapped in your own thoughts. This is the moment when you realize - you have entered the vicious circle of procrastination in actually quitting your job.

    Does any of that resonate?

    I know that a saying “you’re living only one life” is a cliche, but I also think people keep forgetting it. I kinda’ doubt that as a kid you were dreaming of dedicating two-thirds of your life to something that drains all of your energy leaving no space or time for self-improvement. Just think about it! It doesn't really sound like a bright future, now does it?

    Well, if you are feeling demoralized to the point of hopelessness, it is time to be the person of action - stop going in circles and quit that crappy job. Or, simply, get ready for tomorrow, because tomorrow is the day when you should celebrate the International Quit your crappy job day. Now, you must be thinking, does that thing really exist?

    Yep, it does. Denmark-based Woohoo inc., an international training company who are leading experts on happiness at work, started the annual movement whose aim is to reverse job dissatisfaction. It is celebrated on the 31st of March every year and it's an excellent opportunity for everyone to reexamine their choices and think about other options that the future holds.


    Are you ready to quit your crappy job?

    Being aware of the fact that quitting your job is not an easy decision to make, people from Woohoo Inc. created a simple 10 - question test to help you find the answer to that looming question: Should you quit your job or not?

    On the website, there are many positive stories told by people who were courageous enough to quit their jobs and hurl themselves into another better future job with enthusiasm. Also, the website offers multiple resources, ideas and articles to give you support to find the exit from the turmoil you might be experiencing.

    In his Happy Hour is 9 to 5 book, The Woohoo Inc founder Alexander Kjerulf says that, in order to make yourself happy at work, you need to set some time aside and formulate the answers to some crucial questions like:

    1. How happy are you at work
    2. What makes you happy at work?
    3. Visualise your goal.
    4. Know your why.
    5. Decide your happiness.
    6. Should I stay or should I go?
    7. Make a happy plan.

    So, since tomorrow is the 31st of March, take some time aside, think deeply about the answers and write them down! Who knows! Some new ideas and thoughts may come to you and motivate you to stand up for yourself and really make a difference. Keep in mind that quitting your job is not a failure!

    As International Quit Your Crappy Job Day website firmly claims: “Commit to quit or commit to stay! But choose!”

    And always make sure you follow your dreams! They know the way!

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