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Maja Bozic Categories: Internal, workers, worker success Date 30-Mar-2016

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    One of my colleagues wanted to share his story but heĀ asked me if he can stay anonymous. This is his story about quitting his crappy job.

    Think about your job... What keeps you in the place where are you now?

    "As soon as you have more reasons to leave rather than stay, it`s time to move on."

    It is not the easiest decision, but the only right one.

    As a lot of other people, I delayed this decision until the last moment. Now, when I think about that period of my life, I realized it was complete waste of time. I didn't gain anything and lost so much.

    If I got a chance to go back and do things differently, I'm sure I would.

    When I changed my job I enjoyed all the benefits which come with it, such as a better chance to improve my knowledge, to work with an amazing team and grow together with the company.

    Being happy at the workplace is very important. Although, I didn't know that before. I learned my lesson and now I am finally satisfied and fulfilled with every aspect of my job.

    That inner joy is probably the greatest achievement I got from this job transition.

    Be happy don't be crappy :)

    Thank you S.

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