Vega IT #DevHops Beer

Maja Colak Date 16-Jan-2017

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    We had a unique opportunity to have a sneak peek of the process of making craft beer.

    Lately, a large number of small breweries have been popping around the globe, and such fast expansion made the term of craft beer quite famous. Nevertheless, we started from scratch.

    We took a stroll around Dogma Brewery with people who know how good beer is made. They believe in hops and with that same belief they make high quality ale beer.

    They showed us every corner of their microfactory while at the same time explaining how it all starts and what we should know before we choose our final ingredients for Vega IT #DevHops beer.

    After educating ourselves, we sat around a table and started smelling different kind of hops, like professionals, while trying to decide which one we should choose. The decision was made! #DevHops was on its way to become our branded beer.

    What makes our beer unique?

    Our combination is specific because of its fruity aroma which you experience with all of your senses. The mixture of ‘Mosaic’ and ‘Simcoe’ hops brings this rare taste. The ‘Hop forward’ character creates a very strong, still dry taste.

    Take a look at our design and color of the beer. It was partially made on purpose, but with the help of 90% of Pilsner malt we got the perfect orange color!


    Please, don’t get fooled, this beer maybe comes in a small bottle but it can get you intoxicated very fast. :)

    Maja Colak Social Media Manager

    So far Maja has lived in Serbia, Poland, Spain and Thailand. It is safe to say that she loves traveling and getting to know the world. Different cultures intrigue and inspire her.