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    Another #Tarabica IT Conference is behind us. Another fantastic opportunity to meet ambitious and talented software developers from across the country and gain relevant insights into the real craftsmanship of software development. Like the previous four years, we can honestly say that it has one more time lived up to our expectations.


    Our colleague Ivan Nemeš was one of the speakers at this year's #Tarabica IT Conference. His topic was Memory Management in C# and it included the following points:

    As we mentioned in the earlier post, our colleague Ivan Nemeš was one of the speakers. His topic was Memory Management in C# and it included the following points:

    • how Garbage Collector works (including object finalization)
    • what are an accurate implementation of a disposable pattern and its variations
    • when to use structures
    • the best practices in terms of memory management while writing a code
    • how to perform memory profiling.

    In order to get the first-hand experience and get a glimpse of the atmosphere of this year's #Tarabica IT Conference, we had a short chat with Ivan.  

    M: What's the thing that makes Tarabica stand out from the rest of the conferences?

    I: Tarabica offers a wide variety of lectures from in-depth technical lectures like Code Refactoring and Exception Handling to the ones mainly connected to new trends and technologies.

    Another great thing about the conference is that is it is free of charge allowing people of different ages, educational and professional backgrounds and levels of knowledge to hear something that will help them develop both professionally and personally in the long run. In other words, regardless of whether you are a young ambitious programmer still at college or a senior who wishes to upgrade your knowledge, you can listen to a variety of inspirational and thought-provoking lectures.    

    Besides in-depth technical lectures and the ones that follow current trends, there was a third type of a lecture where speakers tried to bring us closer to the idea of implementation of software engineering in different aspects of life and scientific fields like the airline industry. We could hear about some specific examples in applied software engineering which give you an idea about different areas other than software development where you can implement your knowledge and make the best of it.


    # Tarabica IT conference offered valuable insights into real technical details and important elements.

    M: What lecture left the biggest impression on you?

    I: Undoubtedly, the lecture given by Zoran Horvat. In his lecture, Zoran mostly focused on the concept of functional programming in object-oriented languages (more precisely, he talked about how to naturally and effortlessly combine objective and functional programming in coding emphasizing that they naturally go one with another).

    Another thing that drew my attention was the lecture about blockchain and cryptocurrency which are currently very popular topics. More precisely, it was interesting to hear how those platforms function.

    Overall, the conference tried to cover both the topics connected to the principles and best practices which always arouse much interest as well as the topics on modern trends. Most topics were presented by excellent speakers with great enthusiasm and dedication.

    M: What kind of value do you think Tarabica and conferences alike bring to the community we live in?

    I: On a personal level, I find this conference to be very inspiring, and above all, educational. I learned a lot of valuable information and I received confirmation that I have been doing some things in the right way.

    On top of that, it enables you to see that the solutions you come up with might come in handy with other colleagues who have been experiencing the same problems. So, at its core, the conference is of benefit to everyone from presenters to visitors and organizers as well.

    Also, it is motivating. After hearing about some new technologies that can enhance my performance on future projects, I felt the instant need to start researching and learning about these new technologies and to do an in-depth analysis of functional programming, the theory of caches and other things.

    These kinds of knowledge sharing events can only have a positive impact on people ready to immerse themselves in the world of software engineering. And, not only that. They bring people from all parts of the country together. They contribute to building one big community of people ready to give and share knowledge, exchange experiences and improve the software craftsmanship that they can then use to unlock a lot of hidden potential in organizations.

    It's essential to have an experimental mindset and always be willing to acquire knowledge because, only in that way, we can build sustainable solutions that can help us create a better world.

    I am pleasantly surprised by people's reactions to the lecture. I am especially pleased that not only young but also senior colleagues showed interest in Memory Management in C#, so I know I did a good job and helped someone extend their knowledge.

    The conference offered valuable insights into real technical details and important elements.

    I hope it will continue to bring talented people together in the coming years!

    What talks on the #Tarabica IT Conference left the strongest impression on you

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