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    One of the most significant aspects of the software development is the quality. Quality assurance represents one of the leading paradigms of modern business and, therefore, one of the most significant values our company strives towards.

    The asked question “Are clients satisfied with the delivered software?”, in most cases can be rephrased into “Is the delivered software of good quality?”, so we can rightfully conclude that the quality is what makes us distinguishable and the quality is what we always focus on.

    The method of maintaining quality in our company can be most accurately described as a multidimensional series of steps in the development of one software, which is usually strictly defined as keeping track of the design and functional specifications of the software while using the best possible approach to achieve that. Is this quality? If you ask someone from our company, the answer would, in most cases, be negative.

    Because, the quality is added value. The quality are the teams who work on projects. The quality are colleagues’ suggestions regarding what we can do better both in project development and for the company itself.


    Quality assurance represents one of the leading paradigms of modern business and, therefore, one of the most significant values our company strives towards.

    In order to demonstrate how important the quality is to our colleagues, I will share one specific situation:

    After noticing that the amount of Drupal projects is increasing, our colleague, Stevan Kapičić, thought that we could introduce other colleagues into new projects more quickly if, as a company, we invest in the time needed for learning and passing tests necessary for gaining certificates that would enable our colleagues to work in Drupal. Stevan approached us with an idea, shared with us his thoughts, and we, as a company praised his suggestion and adopted it in no time. We provided our colleagues with the time and the conditions for learning and passing the tests. Thanks to this colleague’s proactiveness, the company will have a few certified Drupal developers in the upcoming period. Although, maybe, the benefits of this act are not obvious, they are certainly multiple. While, through learning for these certificates, the colleagues work on their professional development, this also brings us long-term benefits as it gives us the ability to deliver projects of better quality in future.

    Both this colleague and the company does not consider the quality to be a point they should reach. The quality is the road we should all take and the guideline we should all follow. If we apply this story to the projects, keeping track of the design and the projects specifications is only a minimal value that we are obliged to deliver. The quality is what happens outside this framework and it improves the teamwork, the company and the future projects that we will be working on.

    To wrap things up, it is worth mentioning that this is an example of a situation where our colleagues do more then what their job involves trying hard to make our company even more successful. At the end of the day, the people are the biggest value of the company.

    Nevena Nikolic Partner & Project Director

    Nevena appreciates and understands the importance of client-side input, particularly aligned to Umbraco, which reflects her most elemental character traits: Communicative. Organized. And easy to work with.