Code Crafting Week: Challenge Yourself

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    Do you like to challenge yourself and explore your boundaries? If yes, Code Crafting Week is a great opportunity for testing your limits.


    Code Crafting Week: Challenge Yourself

    What is Code Crafting Week?

    Code Crafting Week is a student competition where participants will have the opportunity to challenge their knowledge and use their programming problem-solving skills.

    The competition will be divided into 3 phases:

    Phase #1: Online challenge

    The first part of the Code Crafting Week is an online challenge. This task will be announced on the Code Crafting Week page on December 3 at 12 PM, and the deadline for completing the assignment is December 6 at 12 PM.

    You will submit your solution via the form (we will open it on December 3rd at 12 PM), and based on that, our technical team will select the best participants who will move on to the next phase.

    Phase #2: Knockout challenge

    The top performing participants will be invited by email to the second phase, which will be held at our office on December 9.

    This phase includes new tasks that you will need to pass in order to qualify for our final challenge and get one step closer to winning the main prize!

    Phase #3: Final challenge

    After the second phase, our technical team will again select the participants who achieved the best results and invite them to the final event which will be organised at our offices on December 11.

    You will have the full support of our colleagues while completing the last task. This is a great opportunity for you to expand your knowledge and have a truly unique experience behind you.


    Our colleagues will be your support at the final challenge

    All we can say is — get ready for some serious coding.

    Who can enter Code Crafting Week?

    All undergraduate and master's students can take part in this challenge, but only individually, not in teams. Still, this will be an extraordinary opportunity for you to test yourself while having fun.

    And the Award Goes to...?

    And, of course there is a prize for the best code crafter. 😉

    MacBook Pro goes to the candidate who shows the greatest knowledge, resourcefulness and proactivity. Who knows, that might be you!

    We are positive that this award will be a great incentive for the person who won it to continue learning and growing.


    The best participant will receive MacBook Pro

    So, are you ready to challenge yourself and join our adventure?

    Take part in our competition and build your experience while having fun. Save the date!

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