All the Things you Might Not Have Known about Vega IT Values You Programmes

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    The term “Vega IT Values You” was coined during the preparation of one of our parties where we celebrated our successes that we have achieved with our colleagues. With this term we wanted to unite all the programmes which we use to celebrate our colleagues’ good deeds, dedication and professional improvement.


    Maja Nedučić, Chief People Officer at Vega IT

    We are the company which believes that our employees are our biggest values:

    • We reward our colleagues for 5 years of work in our company by organising wellness weekend, a trip for two people to some of the most attractive destinations; and that’s not all - they also get a day off (Friday or Monday);
    • We reward the colleagues who have shown their trust and loyalty by spending 10 years in the company. We are proud that four of our colleagues are more than 10 years with us and for the trust they have shown to us, they were rewarded a trip to some of the exotic destinations - Mauritius, Bali, but also New York...

    We share our colleagues’ personal happiness by:

    • Giving gift voucher to our colleagues’ families which got bigger
    • We give gift vouchers to the ones who have decided to “tie the knot”
    • Also, we give a caring gift and organise a trip for women on the International Women’s Day
    • We support some members of our team when they are travelling to conferences, science gatherings, training, workshops and educational events by covering all of the expenses with the aim to help them improve both personally and professionally. Sometimes, this is an opportunity to additionally reward some of our colleagues, and sometimes this is a chance for some colleagues to learn something new.

    Before I introduce you to some other of our programmes we use to praise our colleagues’ work, I would like to share the way these programmes are developed with you.

    We nurture a culture of sharing ideas and encouraging creativity. We motivate our colleagues to give suggestions, and we actively involve them in all the activities by asking them to evaluate the activities we have organised. We also ask them to give feedback and then adapt these activities to their affinities.

    In this way, we together came up with an idea to develop a programme whose aim would be to praise and celebrate the work of our colleagues which is in accordance with our values. The programme I would like to single out is “STAR... that makes others shine”.

    The fact is that we become happier when we make other people happy. And this is why we created a programme which allows us to show gratitude to our colleagues who helped us become better at what we do.

    Each colleague has the right to nominate one colleague that turned the onboarding process into a valuable and nice experience; the one who helped others continue their work when they “got stuck” and who makes them feel happier and more pleasant at work.

    All they need to do is to write down the reasons why they’ve decided to nominate that person. After that, the nomination is evaluated by the members of our Culture Committee and then announced internally.

    We don’t announce the name of the colleague who has suggested the nomination. We eagerly anticipate that that person shows up with a personalised gift and hand it to the nominated colleague while personally thanking them for becoming better and more successful at work.

    I could write on this topic a lot. It also seems to me that we didn’t emphasize the importance of appreciating other people’s work enough. This is why I invite you to read more about it in the online version of our Book of organisational culture.

    Maja Neducic Chief People Officer

    Everything about Maja's CV screams Industrial Psychology, and she's riding the new wave of personnel administration as Vega IT's Chief People Officer.