Code for a Cause 2: Phase #3

Maja Budinski Date 23-Jul-2018 4 minutes to read

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    The last week was amazing! A lot of Code for a Cause 2 projects got a great number of votes, but still, only some of them are the absolute winners! Out of 10 submitted projects, the following 4 project ideas won your hearts and got the most votes:

    1. A website for the association “The right side of the street”
    2. Website development for a basketball recreationists league- Basketball recreationists
    3. Mobile App for Fruškać
    4. Mobile application for the voluntary organization for the suicide prevention and emotional support “Heart”.

    We are starting the phase #3 - Looking for the IT Enthusiasts!

    We invite all the IT Enthusiast with good will to commit themselves to this cause and help us in our effort to make a change. Here is the link for the application form.


    We are starting the phase three of Code for a Cause 2

    We believe that working for the general betterment of our species and our planet is simply the right things to do.

    The application process starts on the 23rd of July and ends on the 1st of September!

    If you are a programmer (front-end or back-end) and a ready to make this change, apply for the Hackathon - 48 hours of coding and join the ride!

    We have the ability to shape our own destiny!

    Here is just a short reminder of the ultimate aim of each of the winning projects:

    A website for the association “The right side of the street” - The project goal is to allow people to have a website they can use to easily find parks for training and playing no matter where they are in Serbia, and to be able to see how to start training via videos that we will be displayed on site. On top of that, this website should allow people to watch certain body type exercises and routines and educate themselves how to properly perform those exercises without getting hurt. Finally, the website should display all the parks and training zones across Serbia.

    Website development for a basketball recreationists league. This project is aimed at everyone interested in playing basketball within one organized competition, except for those who play basketball professionally and who are actively involved in playing basketball in one of the clubs. As the league is getting bigger, it would be great to have a website that would include both the information about the current basketball season and the information about the matches played so far. Also, it should include the data about all the players who have been playing in League so far, as well as the statistics, that is, the players’ performance.

    Mobile App for Fruškać - Fruškać is an association aimed at promoting the natural park Fruška Gora, often referred to as “the jewel of Vojvodina”. It helps you find and explore the most interesting locations, natural resources, picturesque countryside and historical heritage of Fruška Gora. The association already has a website. What they need is a mobile app. So, let's help them!

    Mobile application for the voluntary organization for the suicide prevention and emotional support “Heart” - The idea is to create a free suicide prevention app. The app is intended to help people to overcome emotional crises and suicidal tendencies. Also, the app would teach its users how to help others who may be thinking about committing suicide how to reach out to them proactively and how to contribute to destigmatization of suicide. One part of the app would be educational. Most importantly, it would also be connected with the suicide prevention lifeline and emergency services so they can reach support easily and quickly.

    Once the application process is over, we will be ready for the biggest adventure of the year - Hackathon Code for a Cause 2!

    Let's join our forces and bring these ideas to life!

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