Code for a Cause 2: Phase #2

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    The first phase has come to its end. The things are slowly warming up as we have approached the phase #2 of Code for a Cause 2 and we can't wait for the voting to start.

    We can't express how excited we are that so many people approached us with the most amazing project ideas that can really make a difference and improve the well-being of the community that surrounds us. We are fascinated by the incredible ambition and enthusiasm of so many people willing to contribute to the world we live in.


    We are fascinated with the incredible ambition and enthusiasm of so many people willing to contribute to the world we live in.

    Here are 10 amazing projects ideas that can be realised within 48 hours:

    1. A website for the association “The right side of the street”

    The project goal is to allow people to have a website they can use to easily find parks for training and playing no matter where they are in Serbia, and to be able to see how to start training via videos that we will be displayed on site. On top of that, this website should allow people to watch certain body type exercises and routines and educate themselves how to properly perform those exercises without getting hurt. Finally, the website should display all the parks and training zones across Serbia.

    2. Mobile application for the voluntary organization for the suicide prevention and emotional support “Heart”

    The idea is to create a free suicide prevention app. The app is intended to help people to overcome emotional crises and suicidal tendencies. Also, the app would teach its users how to help others who may be thinking about committing suicide how to reach out to them proactively and how to contribute to destigmatization of suicide. One part of the app would be educational. Most importantly, it would also be connected with the suicide prevention lifeline and emergency services so they can reach support easily and quickly.

    3. Mobile App for Fruškać

    Fruškać is an association aimed at promoting the natural park Fruška Gora, often referred to as “the jewel of Vojvodina”. It helps you find and explore the most interesting locations, natural resources, picturesque countryside and historical heritage of Fruška Gora. The association already has a website. What they need is a mobile app. So, let's help them!

    4. Web App for easier garbage disposal

    The ultimate goal of this app is to enable easier communication between the people who are looking for the ways how to get rid of the waste and the people who have an idea how to bring that waste to their own advantage, or, in other words, recycle and make something new out of it. The idea is to make the waste management easier by helping the waste produced by smaller or bigger business find its way to the recycling companies instead of moving it to waste dumps. This app would be of huge benefit to the natural environment we all depend on.

    5. Website development for a basketball recreationists league

    Basketball recreationists league is aimed at everyone interested in playing basketball within one organized competition, except for those who play basketball professionally and who are actively involved in playing basketball in one of the clubs. As the league is getting bigger, it would be great to have a website that would include both the information about the current basketball season and the information about the matches played so far. Also, it should include the data about all the players who have been playing in League so far, as well as the statistics, that is, the players’ performance.

    6. Development of the platform aimed at providing informative services to the citizens of Novi Sad

    One of the problems the general public in Serbia faces on an almost daily basis is a lack of legitimate information regarding a variety of things. This app should provide ways to make people's ideas more visible and allow citizens to vote for particular ongoing projects regarding the social issues. The internet has become a source of endless opportunities allowing some ill-taught people to take advantage of people who are not so well-informed. The idea behind this project is to help those people reach the right information and achieve their goal more easily.

    7. Development of the platform “Make a better world” aimed at connecting developers and NGOs

    We are well aware that the Internet is still not widely used in educational, health and non-government sector, even though it is a very powerful source of information, especially for young people. What if we connected the people with inspiring ideas willing to make a change with people in the IT industry who can actually help them achieve this? Can you imagine the limitless opportunities that may come out of such a collaboration. That's why we came up with an idea to create a platform that would connect engineers with NGOs and allow them to make those miracles come alive! Together, they could create products that would make a world a better place to live. The sky's the limit!

    8. Android app “Rešilo”

    With the number of people in the city that is constantly increasing, unfortunately, we sometimes have to encounter unpleasant situations such as dropped litter on the streets or inadequate waste disposal, etc. Rešilo is the tool that would connect an average citizen who wants to complain about these kinds of situations with the communal services, and make their communication much easier and efficient. Since iOS version already exists, the goal is to develop an Android version of the app.

    9. Google Transit Data

    Although visiting Novi Sad for the first time is an exciting experience, not been familiar with the infrastructure and the public transport can sometimes be overwhelming. Having recognized this, we thought of an idea to allow the visitors to easily find the necessary location and plan their route from one location to another by using Google Transit Data. This would save visitors a load of time and make their visit to our town even more enjoyable.

    10. A Game for the popularization of a public transport

    By making public transport more interesting for travelers, more people would use it. This would give the city the possibility to gather enough financial resources to improve the public transport, which would further attract even more people to use it. Overall, the improved public system would significantly decrease the crowdedness on the streets and, and have a positive impact on the well-being of the community.

    Vega IT claims right to subsequently choose and include additional project ideas which we consider to be of value for the well-being of the community we live in.

    Visit our Facebook page and vote for the best project by liking the projects or adding comments below images representing projects.

    The voting lasts from Monday the 16th of July to Sunday the 22nd of July.

    On Monday the 23rd, we will announce the projects with the biggest number of votes.

    Once we choose the winning projects, we are going to open the doors for the whole community and invite everyone to join us in the Phase #3.

    Stay tuned!

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