Hiring Software Developers in Serbia vs Western Europe

Jovica Turcinovic Date 10-Apr-2023 4 minutes to read
Hiring Software Developers In Serbia Vs Western Europe

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    Outsourced software development is expected to grow by 70% in 2023 alone. A convenient location and partnership, access to high-level skills and education, deep domain expertise and reduced time to market are just some of the reasons the trend continues to rise. 

    The hourly rate of pay for freelance software developers in Western Europe is increasing and the value for money is decreasing. Supply can’t meet demand and the global shift in market trends is well underway. Many industries are empowering premium software development companies and unlocking project value in the process…

    Hiring Freelancers vs Software Development Companies 

    Hiring a freelance software developer can feel like the immediate solution to your IT needs. They may be onshore; speak your language and offer skills you lack. But in reality, your freelancer is on the clock and can lack the specific resources your project requires. 

    When you have a time-critical and skilled IT project to execute, a freelance developer can pose a skill and cultural variance compared to a neighbouring offshore development company. They offer a wide range of technical and deep domain expertise and are used to executing outsourced projects. Communication is cited as one of the biggest challenges when using a freelance software developer. If they don’t respond when you need them, offer the breadth of skills, or offer communication processes and project management, frustration, delay and even mistakes can creep in. Scaling costs and quality control can affect your project, experience and budget. 

    In contrast, there are numerous benefits to hiring a software development partner. From health and education to finance and cybersecurity, you gain access to engineering experts who know your industry and its complexities. Your IT projects, teams and business can scale in line with your appetite and needs via:

    • Proven communication processes and platforms
    • Data security and immediate cybersecurity solutions that protect your business from threats
    • Quality control practices such as agile Scrum methodologies
    • A faster time to market and a competitive advantage 
    • Access to top technology talent and hundreds of skilled developers
    • The support to scale your services with ease

    Rather than forcing as much as possible from one freelance software developer, you gain access to a team of on-hand technical experts and resources. 

    Hiring developers from Serbia vs Western Europe

    There is huge demand and a limited supply of senior developers in America. The hourly average rate of pay is $66. Western Europe tells a similarly stark story at around $60-$70 per hour especially in Germany and the Netherlands where many tech startups are concentrated. Such intense competition, demand and expense led to resource procurement in highly educated offshore countries where the cost of living is lower. This is how Serbia became a prominent region for offshore software development. 

    What does the Serbian IT sector look like? 

    The IT sector in Serbia is one of the country’s most progressive sectors accounting for 10% of its GDP. Serbian software developers enjoy high levels of education and have outstanding English language and technology proficiencies. Serbia is renowned for its professional work ethic and deep domain expertise which easily rival its Western counterparts. DevOps engineers, software engineers, PHP and Java engineers, web developers, and project managers and a seamless experience awaits with many leading companies already outsourcing to Serbian software companies. 

    Why do companies hire software development companies in Serbia?

    When you outsource to a software development company in Serbia your company is no longer limited by location, time or resources. Indeed, you gain access to thousands of developers with a proven of delivering robust software projects. Serbia boasts a highly developed IT sector and clear growth trajectory. The cost of living, taxation system and supply and demand offer reduced costs with no compromise to quality.

    Why Outsource in Serbia?

    • Serbia offers a convenient location and time zone for collaboration with Western Europe. 
    • Highly educated developers and leaders in software product development, bespoke and embedded software development, quality assurance services, data science, mobile app development and much more.
    • Years of experience in outsourcing mean that your IT projects are prompt, premium and high value.
    • Cost efficiency is of course the leading reason that companies choose to outsource their software development in Serbia with zero compromise on quality.
    • Western culture mirrors Serbia’s work ethics, data security, compliance and standards.
    • Lower risk - with no capital expenditure, your software partner gives you fully trained developers and a dedicated team who lend immediate expertise to your business minus the overheads.

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