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By: Sladjana Miljanovic
Sladjana: No, wait. Talk about how we got there.
Danilo: There's a newsletter. I got the Smashing newsletter. About the first Smashing Magazine design conference.
Sladjana: And of course, who wouldn't want to go? But who can afford to go?
Danilo: So I showed it to Sladjana, and of course she-
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Image source: Smashing Magazine
Sladjana: It's a designer's dream conference. So listen. Sasa called me into his office.
Danilo: Sasa gets the newsletter, too.
Sladjana: Wait. So I go see to Sasa, and he asks me, without knowing that Danilo and I had already ranted about it, if it was something I might be interested in or want to talk about.
Danilo: It was just one of those things.
Sladjana: So I told Sasa, "There's nothing to talk about."
Danilo: Because of the people there.
Sladjana: Okay, the people.
Danilo: People from all over Europe. From everywhere.
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Image source: Smashing Magazine
Sladjana: Because there really are no borders. Not in this profession. We're all designers. And the speakers-
Danilo: From the U.S.. From England, the U.K.
Sladjana: And Germany.
Danilo: Right. Freiburg. Where, you know, Smashing's from.
Sladjana: And the people.
Danilo: Big names. In the business. Internet celebrities. I love speakers that motivate me. I have breakthroughs.
Sladjana: They really weren't big shots at all. They were like us. They were celebrities by default. As if somebody put them up there and said speak.
Danilo: I wish there'd been more time, though, between speakers.
Sladjana: It was hard to get to know people. Time was really impacted.
Danilo: There was a party, though. Refreshments, you know. Drinks.
Sladjana: And we had time out. There were all these little canals that ran through the city. Along the sidewalk.
Danilo: I saw somebody with a toy boat, but I thought-.
Sladjana: It was mountain water.
Danilo: I just don't know why they didn't build canals to go around the city.
Sladjana: And to me, more than the speakers, were the presentations themselves. Not abstract instructions about A to B, but there's this woman, she says she's going to do something, and she does it, and you're watching how this person thinks.
Danilo: And every speaker was different, so you walk away with all these unique perspectives.
Sladjana: But something everyone agreed on-
Danilo: Right. Issues of…responsiveness.
Sladjana: Progressive enhancement.
Danilo: Websites that work on all platforms.
Sladjana: Progressively for every platform.
Danilo: Which really relates everyday life to the Web.
Sladjana: We all want to make something work, and see how people respond.
Danilo: Exactly.
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The web in real life

Sladjana Miljanovic

Lead Front-end Developer

Sladjana possesses unique talents in regards to style and aesthetic that cast her as a natural in the role of a front-end developer.

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