Spiritual health and Why is it Important?

Maja Bozic Categories: Health Date 29-Nov-2016

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    Dear reader, we wish you a warm welcome to these pages. We want you to have a peaceful mindset right at the beginning, because the words in front of you are designed to offer you a sense of harmony and comfort. Not quite there yet? Worry not; by the end of this reading we are certain you will be much closer to wanting to achieve spiritual serenity.

    Right about now we should tell you that we understand spiritual health to be a highly individualized concept. But, we do believe that by offering you a few general guidelines you will be more likely to form your own set of spiritual values. Eventually you will choose your path, but we'll make sure to help you find it. To get there, though, you must have a desire to give your life a higher purpose and meaning. You must be willing to acquire a spiritual, inner view of the world and life itself. You should be willing to put aside the mundane. Introspection should become a habit.

    It is at this point when we strip ourselves of the everyday worries, stress and noise. We began a journey leading to serenity and harmony. If only briefly, we are going to engage our mind and senses in activities that are fulfilling and deeply relaxing. The aim is to achieve joy and purpose.

    Now you are wondering what activities might be those. What complicated, time-consuming efforts are we going to undertake in order to balance our spiritual levels? Oh, well, nothing neither time consuming nor complicated. In fact, it is all so simple and attainable. Devoting only half an hour a day will suffice.


    Spiritual health

    What defines you best? Are you an indoor or outdoor type? Spirituality can be achieved in both settings.

    Let’s assume you are more of an indoor personality. Perhaps we can interest you in some meditation. The ingenious Buddhist culture has introduced this wonderful practice to the world. Profoundly spiritual, it helps us understand our mind and learn how to transform it from negative to positive. It helps us overcome stress and find the much needed inner peace and balance. And, not only it does not take up much time, it helps you gain some by making your mind calmer and more focused.

    However, meditation might not be your cup of tea. Maybe something more traditional can help you unwind and achieve serenity. Perhaps, music is your way. A great song or the album of your life is what puts you in balance and restores harmony. Why not make it a daily practice? At the end of your day, plug your earphones in or put your speakers on. Let the melody carry you on and beyond the confines of the real world. Let it take you to places inside of you where you can be most aligned with yourself.

    Maybe it’s a good book or an exceptional movie what brings you calm. Engage then. Read on, until your soul is peaceful. Allow the story to capture you within.

    If you are more of an outdoors kind of person, the possibilities are even greater. Nice evenings walk to clear your mind, a path somewhere along the river. Somewhere you can sit down, watch the great water and let it wash away the day.

    A weekend hike through the woods and mountain paths might be just what you need. We are never more in tune with ourselves then when we are one with nature. It is when we can witness the greatness of our world that we are most likely to feel our spirituality.

    Like so many other things in life, achieving spiritual health is a process; But one that depends solely on us and our commitment to it. Although individual, it is more easily realized with a friendly push, by a joint effort. Our organization recognizes the need for individual spiritual health. We don’t shy from helping those among us achieve it. Vega IT provides its colleagues and team members with ways to balance their spiritual levels and renew themselves in this segment. Either by offering relaxing activities such as going to the movies, or by organizing summer and winter trips to the seaside and mountains, we are invested in helping the individual get to a place of harmony and relaxation.

    Spiritual health – we understand it. We cherish it. We work on it. We hope you are too.

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