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    It is our belief that if one loves its work, the mind will perceive it as a pleasure rather than an obligation. The body, however, has its own set of rules and conceptions. Even when the mind is actively enjoying the work routine, the body still experiences a certain amount of stress. Especially in an environment where the work you love tends to keep you at your desk and in front of a computer screen for long periods of time. Which, let’s face it, at this day and age pretty much sums up the majority of work places. Sure, your brain muscle is exercised at all times. And, kudos for that! But, it is ever so easy to forget that our bodies need proper care and movement as well.

    Well, guess what? We deeply care about our body's health and, with us you might learn to care about it as well. To understand the importance of a healthy diet, a good exercise routine and proper rest patterns is to be fully in tune with your inner self. By equally nurturing body and mind, we achieve a sense of overall well-being and accomplishment.

    At Vega IT we are committed to help every individual feel comfortable, healthy and happy. We wish for our colleagues to feel energized and vigorous, always striving towards self-growth and personal prosperity. But we also feel that our help can reach beyond the members of our team.

    After a certain amount of time spent at work on your computer, when your stomach begins to growl, perhaps your natural instinct will be to reach for an unhealthy snack. One that will bring you short comfort, but on the long run will inevitably make you feel miserable. Well, we don't want you to go there. A short term sugar high leads to a plummeting energy low afterwards. And this will not benefit your body or your mind. This is why we will always encourage you to reach for the healthy option. In our organization, throughout the year, we make sure to offer a selection of fresh seasonal fruits for our colleagues. You might want to take a page out from our book and introduce a healthy amount of fruits in your daily diet. Believe us; you will be much happier in the long run by having an apple instead of a chocolate bar. Same goes with fluids intake. Why opt for a soda can which will only leave you thirstier. When you can have a bottle of water which will keep you properly hydrated.


    Physical health

    Of course, outside of your work place there is so much more that you can do for your good nutrition. And by great power of wise advice we will help you achieve a balanced diet. By lowering your intake of carbohydrates, especially bad carbs, and increasing the intake of proteins and vegetables you will do wonders for your overall health. Three balanced meals a day, accompanied by two snacks mid-morning and mid-afternoon, will make all the difference in the world. And believe us when we say that it is all so simple.

    Sure, a balanced diet is a great thing. But, it is of utmost importance to follow it with a proper workout regime. By the time we reach our thirties, something within us suddenly shifts. What was once natural and easy becomes difficult and a point of negotiation with ourselves. You can easily convince yourself that half an hour more of sleep in the morning before work is more beneficial than going to the gym. But, it's not. A morning workout session will help you kick off the day properly. You will be, afterwards, much more alert and energized. Your body will get its needed boost and shake after a good night's rest. And this feeling will carry you all through the day. Vega IT has made it its priority to offer our colleagues with ways to keep their physical strength. This is why we have come up with the plan of enabling our team a gym membership or crossfit trainings. Whichever suits their sensibility best. Likewise, we encourage you to begin working out.

    Implementing workout into your daily life doesn't always come easy. But once you try it out and experience the benefits, you will never let it go. And if you ever need some convincing, we'll be here for you. Everybody sometimes needs a buddy to push them in the right direction. We'll be yours.

    Physical health should be each individual’s goal. More than that, it should be understood as a personal must. Combined with emotional, mental and spiritual balance it leads towards a well-rounded and happy personality. With time, we tend to neglect these areas of our life. That should never be the case. This is why we at Vega IT are developing our own fitlife blog. We aim to provide you with means and ways to renew yourself, to improve yourself. And we will be by your side every step of the way.

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