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    Vega IT’s greatest value are people employed at our company. In order to achieve better communication with coworkers and people from our community and motivate them to improve their skills and work on themselves, we offered our colleague Nemanja Maločić to officially take on the role of Vega IT brand ambassador.

    Nemanja is a person who has always been outspoken in his thoughts, asking questions when necessary, entering debates with the founders if he thought otherwise, coming up with ideas, improving processes, mentoring his younger colleagues, assisting in projects, considering our company as his own. For some years now, Nemanja has taken on the role of brand ambassador himself, so we have recently officially appointed him as the same.


    Our colleague Nemanja

    Playing the role of a brand ambassador is not an easy task, and it implies the following:

    • Providing a good example to other colleagues,
    • Spreading positive stories,
    • Participating in social activities,
    • Motivating and inspiring colleagues to be better in their work and fully use their potential,
    • Mentorship,
    • Improving company culture and so on.
    Meet our colleague Nemanja Maločić

    Nemanja joined our team more than 6 years ago through our internship program. After completing two weeks of internship, he immediately received a job offer. During the past 6 years, Nemanja has been a person who definitely left his mark in our company. All of us remember the moment when he slammed the lid of Saša Popović’s (our founder’s) laptop and took him to lunch because one needs to eat from time to time. :-)

    Another memorable moment was when he put on a swim ring and jumped into the pool in the middle of our company’s 6th birthday party. Once he felt so much at home that he came wearing something looking like a bathrobe and slippers! His green knitted “Developer” vest has become a part of our brand.

    Also, Nemanja is someone who suggested that we have a slide at our office space and introduces an MVP program for personal improvement. He is someone who takes care of other colleagues and works out in a gym regularly in order to motivate other colleagues to take care of their health and wellness.

    Expect further texts on how Nemanja copes with this role and, until then, keep up with the news and other information on our website and social networks.

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