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Let the Work Begin: Reconstruction of Our New Building

By: Tijana Popov
3 minute read

A few months passed since we chose the winning solution for the visual appearance of our new building.

Our team worked diligently and now we are ready to announce the beginning of the second phase of reconstructing the former building of “Novosadski otvoreni Univerzitet”, better known as “Radnički Univerzitet”.

From our humble beginnings, until now (13 years later), we have grown into a team of more that 530 professionals and became one of the fastest-growing, 100% domestic IT companies in Serbia of this size.

Macro image
"Radnički univerzitet" Building

Now we are excited to roll up our sleeves and continue working on our biggest office expansion so far!

New Building Insights

Ever since we made our purchase public, we have been asked the same questions countless times:

When will you move into your new building?

We will move into our new space in August 2022.

How many people will move into the new office?

The new building will have 13 floors (6500m2) and will accommodate 550 of our colleagues.

Macro image
Current look of "Radnički univerzitet"

Will you sell/rent out your current offices?

No. Our plan is to continue the exponential growth of our team and remain at both premises - the old offices and the new ones.

Will this be your only location?

Definitely not. ;)

At the moment, you can find Vega IT team at 3 offices in Novi Sad (we are getting ready to move into 2 new offices), one in Belgrade, one in Zrenjanin, one in Niš and one in Podgorica. And we are not stopping here. Stay tuned to find out more! 

Will you have a slide there too?

This might be the most asked question so far, and definitely one of our favourites. That’s why we decided to let you have a sneak peek into what our offices will look like. ;)

Macro image
Vega IT Radnicki interior
Macro image
Vega IT Radnicki slide

What do you think? Would you try the slide? :)

What Will Happen Next?

The solution for the interior is ready and our plan is to complete all the construction work in the following months.

As our co-founder Saša Popović said last year:

“We are planning to make not only the most beautiful building in Novi Sad, but in Serbia as well, allowing us to further invest in our business.

We are planning to turn this building into one of the city’s highlights, making our colleagues and citizens proud.”

Stick around and follow us on this journey.

Tijana Popov

Lead marketing manager

Tijana loves writing, meeting new people, and all the things that involve creativity. Like a true Hufflepuff, she’s approachable and polite. Once a year, Tijana embarks on a journey to the middle of the Middle-earth where she used to live.

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