iOS Architecture Workshop: Impressions and Thoughts

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    What can transform a group of colleagues into a compact team where people are encouraged to learn proactively? Is it a positive and supportive atmosphere or our desire to become experts at what we do? We believe this isn’t an “either-or” answer, but rather a synergy of both.

    A few weeks ago, our colleagues from the mobile development team participated in the workshop with Aleksandar Vacic where they had the opportunity to learn more about the iOS Architecture.


    iOS Architecture Workshop at Vega IT

    Learn more about what this knowledge-sharing event meant for some of our colleagues who participated in the workshop:

    Tamara Mitric

    "First of all, I have to say that my impressions after the workshop are very positive. After discussing the content of the workshop with some of my colleagues, I learned that we all share the same opinion.

    In a very simple way, Aleksandar used a rather complex example to define the application architecture. Most importantly, he was able to present us a new way of thinking and a direction which we can explore. Even though this workshop was about iOS, more precisely about Swift, the concepts we saw are also a good practice which we can use regardless of the technology.

    Additionally, Aleksandar was eager to answer our questions regarding the practical issues we can face in our work and he helped us view our current projects and tasks from a different angle."

    Bojan Bosanac

    “The workshop was very insightful and thought us about different approaches to using the UIResponder and enums in our everyday tasks. A step-by-step explanation of the Network library for Swift made the application easy to implement in any new project.

    I learned how to create a layered architecture using Coordinators, so now I can have separated modules, which are easy to maintain, test and reuse.


    The workshop was very insightful and thought us about different approaches to using the UIResponder and enums in our everyday tasks.

    Aleksandar was very approachable and professional. His real-life examples were simple to comprehend, and we gained a lot of input into using similar code for our projects effectively.”

    Nemanja Rosic

    "This eight-hour workshop went in the blink of an eye (in my opinion). Aleksandar presented us with the solution for one of the major issues in iOS development. The issue is interdependency of View Controllers and Complexity of Application Flow changes when using "standard" concepts in the development of the iOS architecture. The good side of the presented architecture is a wide usage, reliability and modularity, which give us the ability to easily modify the application.

    In my view, the most interesting part of the workshop were real-life examples where we could see how convenient and maintainable this complex application can be.

    It was a pleasure to participate in the workshop such as this one, where Aleksandar was ready to discuss and offer his view of "good practices". The knowledge I gained at the workshop made me view things from a different perspective and will surely help me in my further work."

    Why do we believe in continuous learning?

    At Vega IT, we believe that learning doesn’t stop when we graduate, finish our tertiary education or get a dream role within the company. For us, learning is both a long-lasting and agile process where our colleagues have our full support to further expand their knowledge in their individual areas of expertise. Even though this iOS architecture workshop was the first workshop for our mobile team, it’s certainly not the last one we’ll organise for our colleagues.

    Have you had the opportunity to participate in an interesting workshop? Which speaker would you recommend for our next Mobile knowledge-sharing event? Let us know in the comments or write to us at We would love to hear your suggestions

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