International Umbraco Conference in Novi Sad: Umbraco Roadshow 2019

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    Tell me, and I forget. Teach me, and I remember. Involve me, and I learn.” - Benjamin Franklin

    As the first and the only certified Umbraco CMS Partner in Eastern Europe, we were approached by the Umbraco community member to become one of the four cities that will host the Umbraco Roadshow on its European tour. After a busy evening in Novi Sad, this friendly caravan travelled to Barcelona, Warsaw and finished the tour in Lisbon.


    Besides hearing lectures from our colleagues Nevena Nikolic and Nikola Zivkovic, the audience had a pleasure to listen to 2 international speakers, Callum (Umbraco MVP) and Damiaan (Umbraco Certified Masters)

    In the past, we’ve noticed the constant increase in people who love working with Umbraco, so it was a pleasure to see that so many people were interested in learning about the latest Umbraco 8 update.

    Besides hearing lectures from our colleagues Nevena Nikolic and Nikola Zivkovic, the audience had a pleasure to listen to 2 international speakers, Callum (Umbraco MVP) and Damiaan (Umbraco Certified Masters) as well as to hear more about endless opportunities the “Friendliest Content Management System” offers.

    We present you their recap of this knowledge-sharing event:


    Callum Whyte - “What’s new with Umbraco”

    “It’s been a personal dream of mine for a while to be able to “tour” the world, meeting new people and spreading the Umbraco love. What better way than by organising the Umbraco Roadshow?!

    As I had never visited Serbia and didn’t know many people in the Umbraco community there, so visiting Novi Sad first up was particularly exciting. After a day of exploring the city, the moment I’d been working towards for many months was finally here.

    I was blown away by how many people came along and the response we got, as well as the warm reception we received from Vega IT. I particularly enjoyed the talks from local speakers Nevena and Nikola - with Nevena sharing her perspective on how powerful and flexible Umbraco is, and Nikola giving great insight into his personal experience with burn-out and mental wellness.”


    Damiaan Peeters - “Magically Integrating Data Into Umbraco”

    “Having the opportunity to do a talk about Umbraco is always amazing. Umbraco is a friendly CMS, even if there are more than 525 000 websites built with Umbraco. We keep a friendly vibe in the community. We try to help out each other and to be respectful.

    And that is not different from the Umbraco Roadshow. We try to help others where we can. Being able to visit Novi Sad was awesome. I had never been to Serbia before. And I loved the atmosphere and the friendliness of the people. The hospitality was high above average.

    Not only was the event very nice, but also the food we had. I have never had a mega croissant with Nutella in it. All in all, I would love to come back. Oh, and if I come back, I’ll bring a few magic tricks. :-)”

    Why Do We Continue to Support Events Similar to This One?

    Our philosophy is to create a strong community around the technologies we use and believe in by promoting both local and international knowledge sharing events. We had an amazing time at the Umbraco Roadshow, and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to make Novi Sad become a part of the next year’s Umbraco Roadshow tour as well.

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