I had a choice

Nenad Nicevski Categories: Internal, workers, worker success Date 31-Mar-2016

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    In our country it is normal that you don't like your job.

    However, you still manage to get up and go to work. Simply because you must. Most the time you don't have a choice, you can't choose where to work, to choose your dream job.

    Nonetheless, my case was different. I had a choice.

    At the beginning I was full of enthusiasm. Everything was new, different, the whole new experience. I was accepted and respected, and it was nearly perfect.

    Years have passed.

    Things somehow began to change. Nothing was same anymore. You become more tired. Enthusiasm was lost. Even your smile was beginning to fade.

    You woke up in the mornings and didn't want to go to work. You slowly became nervous and started to have an unexplained anxious. You couldn't sleep. You gained weight.

    But why?

    You realized that you just stand in one place. That you weren't improving your knowledge, you reached your limit and you couldn't fully use your potential. All your effort was futile. You couldn't see the result of your hard work. Whatever you did, had no impact on anything. You began slowly to forget things, things that took you years to learn.

    Every good and enjoyable moment was in the shadow of the bad one.

    Being accepted and respected wasn't enough anymore.

    And the worst thing of all, is that I had other job opportunities all that time. Instead, I chose to stay and try to do my best in every situation and wait for some miracle to happen and change the world.

    It was all in vain, because miracle never happened.

    It was the moment I decided to change my mind. I decided to accept one of pending job proposals, which happened to be the best decision I ever made in my whole life.

    The enthusiasm was back together with the hunger for learning and seeking for knowledge. New people, new opportunities. That missing smile was back alongside with the long forgotten joy and happiness. I lost weight and got healthier.

    Now, I wake up every morning and go to work happier than ever.

    My office is great. My working space is excellent. My colleagues are the best. I even have a guitar in the office so that I can play and clear my head in order to get new ideas and solutions.

    You can say freely that I had a privilege to find my dream job. Working on what I always wanted, what I was trained to do and what I am good at.

    Finding all of that was the source of my inner peace and happiness. 


    Nenad is part of the original guard, cutting his teeth on consoles like the Commodore 64 and Amiga 500. Born a gamer, he evolved into a mad scientist, hacking the games for cheats and modifications.