How we have learned a valuable lesson about teamwork

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    Three years ago five of us started working on a project that should enable our client to become a global industry leader in a new market and possibly to conquer other similar markets. With very limited domain knowledge and without any guidance we were sent on a self-exploratory journey.


    We have learned a valuable lesson about how teamwork can influence and shape the future of our company.

    The client who hired us decided not to be involved, so with the help of another partner, we had to plan and execute the entire setup. Space to manoeuvre was small and our chances to fail were big. We were aware that discipline, dedication and focus will be a must if we want this project to succeed.

    At one point we had to make a decision, to tell our customer that the project will not be done in time or to work even harder in order to make it. Also, that weekend, we were supposed to go with most of our colleagues on a team building trip.

    Our team of five amazing people was united and decided to complete the project in time by selflessly helping each other and voluntarily skipping some team building activities.

    We have realized that we are risking too much (because we didn't have enough time, domain knowledge and support of our partners) but at the end, we were aware how much we can gain if we succeed. There were no complaints or cutting corners, only hard and dedicated work.

    In the end, with an enormous effort, we have managed to help our customer to make a major market breakthrough. Our team got bigger and partnership with our customer became stronger and we have extended our team with more developers.

    We have learned a valuable lesson about how teamwork can influence and shape the future of our company. This story should remind us that it always seems impossible until it's done and we have our team to prove that. It also has shown us that teamwork can do much more than some of the invested effort of individuals.

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